yelp, is it really that bad?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by inzane, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. inzane

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    my yelp listing continues to be above my website in search rankings. my yelp listing is on the first page for my city and it kinda stands out because theres 5 stars with a good review. I guess its good to stand out a little bit in a search for lawn care in my city.. however, everything i've read about yelp has been bad.. i hear about "yelp extortion" where they filter out good reviews and leave the bad if you don't pay for advertising.

    Anyways, there seems to be no way to remove a listing from yelp. has anyone else had any issues with yelp in general or am i just paranoid?
  2. Ben Bowen

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    Yelp is not bad at all. There is no extortion. You just need to do some SEO on your site so that it ranks higher than your Yelp listing. I actually get quite a bit of traffic from Yelp. Also, they provide info to Apple Maps- you want to be there.
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  3. ebassett

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    Unless I'm mistaken there is a website plugin that will enable you to display the 5*'s on your website listing.

    Head's is right. With a touch of SEO you should be able to rank above a Yelp listing.
  4. ebassett

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  5. greg8872

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    I have had a client who received a call from yelp before, offering to help get rid of a bad review, and although they will not directly say it, first insisted on talking about securing advertising before talking about how they could for free work on the bad reviews...

    Just like all "free" directories out there, their #1 purpose is to generate money via advertising and up selling to premium listings. And the more popular the directory is, the more power they have for those sales.

  6. Utah Lawn Care

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    I tried to sign up for Yelp today, but I got the impression I would end up having to pay to be listed. Is that not the case?
  7. tonygreek

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    While they do have premium services, Yelp is free.

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