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    Got what I believe is a fake (and my only) review on YELP saying I never got back to the this lady or something. I do not remember ever dealing with her. I flagged it, but it is still there. I have not gotten any customers from YELP anyways, so I would not be against deleting the listing. All 5 stars on Google.

    Please advise. You guys know much more than I do when it comes to digital marketing.

    P.S: I am open to hearing advice on getting my google listing to number one-3 if possible.

    kawasaki guy
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  2. islandpro

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    I wouldn't sweat it... Just respond to the review stating you apologize but you have no record of contact and have never worked for her.

    Online reviews are sort of a joke right now and many consumers are aware of that. Yelp actually called us a few weeks ago, all excited about our profile because it had received "11" yes Eleven, visitors in the month of May, he proceeded to tell me how GOOD that was, lol..

    I explained to him that in the month of May we generated more than 100 leads from our website (which ranks higher than Yelp for every keyword) and didn't want any more business. Also, Yelp didn't deliver a single one of those leads. The call ended quickly.

    As for your Google listing...

    - proper category choice
    - logo and cover photos
    - lots of keyword named photos (lawn-mowing-service.jpg etc..)
    - local schema markup on your site
    - consistent NAP on website/Google My Business and any other listings.

    If your listing is setup right then the next push would be citation and backlink building.
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  3. Mitty87

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    Speaking of review. We are buying a new truck and was looking at local dealers. I noticed it seems like a few of them have a few bad reviews and 80-90 5* reviews from people who only have one total review under their name. Seems like they went overboard in balancing out reviews maybe?
  4. Ben Bowen

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    Or they may have set up a review terminal in the dealership, or use a service to gather reviews (like Birdseye or Get 5 Stars). Could be legit.
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  5. Mitty87

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    I'd like to believe that, never realized that could be the case. Car dealers do have alot of traffic and there is bound to be the odd disgruntled person.
  6. TPendagast

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    Maybe you don't remember dealing with the lady because you never got back to her!

    If you don't use yelp how did you even know you had the review?
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  7. kawasaki guy

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    I decided to sign in and see if the page still existed.

    I barely know how to change pictures...
  8. Patriot Services

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    Online reviews are going to be the downfall of many innocent businesses. There is no vetting to prove comments and impossible to remove. Most 5 stars are fakes posted by the business itself. Fake news.
  9. grassmonkey0311

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    Yelp will probably remove it for you if you flagged it. I've had a few leave bad reviews for me, but got me mixed up with another company (that's in a totally different state!). I just notify yelp and they remove it.

    Online reviews are tough to deal with. Yelp is quick to remove what they think is "fake" and Google leaves pretty much everything. Not all 5 star reviews are fake, but people are catching on to it more and more on which ones are fake and real. The good thing is they are also catching on more to 1 star reviews of people who have a legit complaint or who can never be happy.

    Since you already flagged the review, the next step would be to ask your existing customers (the ones you know love your service) to write a review about you. In the case Yelp doesn't remove it, respond back stating you have no idea who they are and never dealt with them and flood your page with good reviews to hopefully block out the bad review.
  10. Grassholes

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    If anyone can tell me how to get my YELP account deleted I would appreciate it very much. I called them and they won't delete it. Someone can even set up a YELP account for your business apparently. I had one customer who is having a bunch of her friends leaving bad feedback for me. YELP's algorithm is not as good as they think it is. I have had positive reviews from customers get flagged as fake when they are real.

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