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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by newgrass, Mar 26, 2009.

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    " I have a friend " Basically I have a friend of a friend who has been in this business for 15 years. He's swamped with work and MAY be looking for someone to come in and help out so he has a little more free time.

    I HAVE NO experience in this industry (auto mechanic). This could be and preferably would be arranged as a fee per customer deal as a totally separate business.

    Anybody dealt with a situation like this before. MY friend who introduced me to this guy is also looking to be part of this. Money is no issue.

    I realize I'll get the crap he doesn't want. Marketing, billing, business items and workers (all handled) no problem.

    The biggest question is would YOU get into a situation like this? What is normal for "buying contracts" ?

    He does firewood, clean-ups etc.. We would get basically what we want FOR A PRICE.
    As you can tell from my name I'm NEW..... AND STUPID. I also a bit of a pessimist so I wonder how many hundreds of things I'm missing.

    I realize all of you are busy and appreciate you reading this.

    FEEL FREE to blast me out of the water with your thoughts. That's what I want is the truth.

    This would not be my primary source of income. I think he may sort of be looking for someone to come in and eventually buy him out. But he does a lot of multimillion $ homes and may be looking to feel out a possible new owner. I feel like this could be a great opportunity or I could be getting bent over the barrel.

    Any and all thoughts please!!!!!

    Thanks, NG
  2. AI Inc

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    In this economy with people fixing their cars instead of buying new ones, and cutting their own grass , well , you see where Im going.
  3. JDUtah

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    Mowing? Fertilizing? Both? Weed/insect/disease control?

    What is the average square feet per account? The average gross income you will make per account?

    If you are doing weed/insect/disease control are you willing to get your commercial pesticide applicators license? (if not you can be nailed with multiple 25 grand fines)

    Do you enjoy sweating? Would you plan to run a crew? DO you have experience running a crew?

    Could be a good venture if you have the experience or zeal to get it done.. could suck if you don't...

    again.. what about those gross income numbers?
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  4. newgrass

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    10,000 sf +, avg about a wide open acre.

    Prices about $80/week

    I have no pesticide license but know of a person who does. They would be part of it. They have dealt with the crew situation before.

    This area has a large population of immigrants familiar with lawn care.

    And lastly this is one of the few areas in the country where the economy is growing. Thanks to the government. We are about 30 miles from D.C.

    He does about 200/week mostly large yards.

    Also other "normal" yard service.

    He has quite a few commercial, schools, etc. and I think he either wants to focus on those or slowly retire.

    I'm looking for input before I talk seriously with him.

    Thanks again, NG
  5. Littleriver1

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    I hope I am reading $200 a week wrong. Unless he has empolyees then he is not all that over worked. If this is just a part time job to you and you are not investing any of your own money in it then go with it. Just be safe till you get your footing.
  6. newgrass

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    About 200 customers. Mostly open 1 acre lots. Roughly about $80 each. Some definitely push 2 acres but are wide open.

    Some of the 200 are commercial and I know he's not parting with the biggest accounts.

    Assume 100 yards/week @ $80. Plus whatever other work to be scrounged up.

    They can probably be had for a cut of the revenue or flat fee.

    I have 2 guys ready to go and possibly a 3rd.

    Any idea on a reasonable financial arrangement?

    Thanks again, NG
  7. dwlah

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    OK dumb questions
    (A)Are you going to work for the guy and learn the ropes
    (B)Is he selling/giving you some of his accounts and cutting you loose on your own

    Big difference working for him vs working for yourself

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