Yes or No ? Exmark/Toro 30" mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Putting the transmission issues aside, did this mower live up to your expectations?
  2. SSantor

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    Yes they are very good mowers. As I stated on another thread we bought three thirty inch exmarks this spring. We use them as our main mowers for properties of a half acre and down. They cut better then any mower we've had. We like how easy it is to change from mulching to blowing or bagging. They do all three things very well. It's easy to change the deck ht. We did have a problem with the transmissions this spring. All three went out. It was not fun. They replaced all them and we have not had any problems. They are very fast. We cut half acres as fast as we did with our hydro 36's. We have not had any problems with tearing of the turf or rutting. I like the wheels on our 30's. The mowers turn really easy. I also like the timed blades. I know some people didn't like it, but I really do. I don't see grass missed or not cut. They are not great on hills. We cut hills across or diagonal not, up and down. The mowers are very easy to pick up. My employee's had no trouble picking up the operation. I took a long time to teach someone how to use a hydro. I like that you don't have to pay for a bag. It comes with the mower. I spent $5,000 dollars on a hydro mower with sales tax,$350 for a bag, $250 for velkey wheels, and $250 for a shoot blocker. I spent $1650 for a thirty with everything included. I time all my lawns and we are just as fast with the thirty's and some we are faster. Gas is also much cheaper in the thirty's. We really like them and we are making more money with them on lawns half acre and down. I would reccommed them and yes they are better then we expected after we got over the tranny problems.
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    That's good to hear SSantor, thanks for the honest feedback. I'm amazed at how productive you say they are, I used to run a 32 Ferris Hydrocut and wasn't impressed with the cut, I feel the wheelbase on small wb are too long and leave too many high and low spots for my liking, but that's another topic altogether. Thanks for sharing your experiences with these mowers.
  4. Joel D

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    Not to hijack the thread, but I have a question about a 30. I made the move to hiring a helper this year. I'm seriously thinking about getting a 36 inch walkbehind next year (probably used) for the helper. I already run a Z-Turn, but I would like to have the helper mowing so we can share the trimming and other stuff and make him feel more important instead of the just the trimmer guy. Should I just go with a 30 or get a 36? Also the 30 would be able to replace my 21.

    Another question, did they resolve the transmission issues yet or are they just replacing them as needed? Thanks in advance.
  5. fullofgrass1

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    I just bought a toro 30 inch turfmaster today! I love it! It is very fast and saves time. It does not like tall grass though. I think that that has to do with the blades.But I will keep my hrc Honda as a backup. The turfmaster is great! Wish they would have thought about this sooner.
  6. JimsLocalLawn

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    I can understand the fuel savings, but I can not understand the time savings vs a 36" Hydro.

    The 36" Walk behind should run circles around the 30". I can somewhat understand the nimbleness and lightweight allowing you to turn much faster without tearing up the turf....but other than that the hydro should hit a ground speed of up to 7 mpg while the 30" is around 4 mph.

    Either way I am probably going to pick up one next year just to see what the hype is all about.

    How well do they handle thick lawns?
  7. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    They are horrible on hills or even slight inclines. You will have to push them, which is hard when you're already hot, sweaty and tired. The side discharge area is the same size as their 21" you're expecting 50% more wet grass to exit the same size hole and it just doesn't happen. It clumps and clogs incredibly easy, and over and over. It does the same thing for tall grass - the mower just can't handle volume even at very slow speeds.

    The gas tank is so small that it needs refilled at every lawn. There's no sputtering to warn you to head back toward the trailer - it just stops.

    Now that I'm done griping I'll tell you why I still like the mower.
    1. It's cheap. I consider it a disposable mower.
    2. It leaves a clean cut.
    3. On flat terrain it's very fast and I like the variable speed.
    4. It's simple to use. My 12 YO son uses his when he helps me out. (although I'm trying to teach him not to scuff the front wheels on pavement when he turns because they're expensive to replace)
    5. Have I mentioned that it's cheap? That's the main selling point.
  8. WillsLandscape

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    Are you talking about the residential Timemaster or the commercial Turfmaster/Commercial 30? I've heard that the Kawasaki KAI's on the commercial models do exceptionally well on gas and don't have to be refilled every time.
  9. Porcupine Lawn and Snow

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    Nooooooo! Don't do it!! They're heavy, The trans. problems are crazy, and they have plastic wheels... If you really want to, do it next year. No wonder they are $1600.
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    Hey Porcupine, have you seen many people using these mowers around? I have only seen some people using the timemaster, I don't know if the tranny problems were up here too. I was trying to hold off on getting an exmark 30 until next season, but was debating getting one in the next couple weeks to help speed things up.

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