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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by twins_lawn_care, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. twins_lawn_care

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    Well, there have been a few posts up about when to start advertising. I have waited on going door to door, but have had piles of advertising postcards around town at like pizza places, grocery stores, and hair cut shops.

    Well, calls are starting to come in from just those, so I guess we are getting close to the season!

    Good luck to everyone this year. Make it safe and successful!
  2. jpmako

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    Same to you :waving:

  3. tiedeman

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    good luck and I hope that everything works out great for you
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi twins_lawn_care,

    Let us know how that one promotion you had posted with the pizza company works out.
  5. Carolina Cutter

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    Never thought about doing that.....hmmmm gonna try and see what I can work out. I have my regulars but the phone hasn't started to ring yet....dang bermuda grass and centipede around here is being lazy and won't green up. The fescuse that is sparse is pretty green but nothing else. Cmon nature...LETS GO!
  6. twins_lawn_care

    twins_lawn_care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have talked a lot with the pizza place which I am doing this with, and now I am handing out gift cards good for one free pizza from TWINS Lawn Care, which my customers (or potential customers) can use by simply calling the place. then I just pay the pizza place a fraction of what the pizza costs, as it helps them generate new business as well. I think it will be a good promotion, as it will benefit both of our businesses.

    We have not sent out any of the "free breadsticks" idea as of yet. We don't want to bring in too much business at this point in time, and not be able to handle it all. Sticking to our growth plan, and we are right on track for the year, and it's still 30 degrees out!
  7. bbhlawn

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    Hey Twins where about in IL? I'm just on the border of IL and WI right around Lake Geneva area. Was wondering if you ever tried putting advertising on telephone poles at intersections/stop signs. I've been thinking of getting some signs printed up and am looking for a little feedback.

  8. qualitylandscaping

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    Glad to hear it's going to be a good year for you!

    Still 8" of snow on the ground here and its -5degrees out today.. Not quite time for the phones to start ringing off the hook for me yet, several calls but won't really pick up here until the end of the month.
  9. Soupy

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    I like the free pizza coupon. This is differ then the free mowing etc. I am glad a fellow Illinoisian in thinking outside the box. I started many years ago and had a Papa Johns put my cheesy (back then) flyer on the pizza box. That manager left the next year and I have not had any luck finding any pizza Joints in town to do this anymore. I paid 6 cents a flyer back then and only did about 1,000. They all tell me it is a conflict of business and that they only do this for charity orgs.
  10. twins_lawn_care

    twins_lawn_care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm in Schaumburg, about 30 minutes or so south of the border. I never would do the sign posts or intersections, because around here they are illegal. They may be acceptable up where you are though. People do it all the time around here, but being that we are starting out, and trying to grow, we don't want to tarnish our overall goal down the years with illegal things now when we are small. With other forms of advertising we are doing, we are getting enough response to not have to go to such extremes.

    Signs are great to have, and placing them in existing customers' yards are a great way to market yourself, as people can see the actual work you are doing. Also, signs/lettering on your truck are key to getting noticed as well.

    good luck this year, and maybe we'll give you a ring if we're ever up north that way.

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