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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Most poplular item at the Iowa State Universty field day was the T3000. Many other venders were there, but the one that impressed most folks was TUTFCO's T3000. Here's a pic. BTW Z-Sprays, PG's, etc never showed up.:confused:

    ISU + T3000 004.jpg
  2. turf hokie

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    You are even starting to wear me out with the T-3000 club....We get it already, matter of fact most of us are choking on it....

    I dont know what Turfco did to get you to always post these type of threads, especially with the vailed comments on the other ride ons but whatever it was, they got their pound of flesh.

    Let the rest of us up we are turning blue.
  3. foreplease

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    I agree 100%. Although I am not in the market for a ride-on and probably never will be, if and when I ever am this thing won't even get a serious look after all the unabashed gushing I haved waded through on this particular machine from this particular member.
  4. rcreech

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    You stated there were no other ride on's there...then state the T-3 was the most popular item there.

    Sounds like there was nothing to compare it to.

    It is like a one runner race...they are guaranteed to finish first! :)

    BTW...I think a lot of you and hope this isn't pissing you off...but you need to stop.

    Are you EVER going to address your math on the last post in question????
  5. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    Only one I ever hear brag about these t-3000's are you where are all the other faithful users?
  6. Ric

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    Your post reminds me of a Story

    While driving across the state I stopped into a Hick Country Conveniences Store. All the shelves where stocked with nothing but Ketchup bottle. So I ask the guy if he sold a lot of Ketchup. No he said, But that city fellow from the Ketchup plant sure does.

    Draw your own conclusion as the moral of that story.
  7. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    That is funny the thing with things sitting on shelves to long and no one uses them is they go bad and you have to just throw them away.:hammerhead:
  8. FdLLawnMan

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    I have one and like it very much. It has taken care of me just as Turfco has. The problem is Larry went a little overboard at first, then calmed down, and is now just stirring the pot. I know Larry and he is a good guy. I just think he is going to far and wish he would stop. I honestly believe the T & Z are both good machines. They both have there strengths and weaknesses. This constant back & forth is getting old. I want to get back to talking about growing grass and getting rid of weeds.

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