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Yet Another Hoop To Jump Thru!

Mike Fronczak

LawnSite Senior Member
Rochester, NY
They keep passing all these laws for regulation on Certified applicators or business. They don't seem to get the fact that it comes out of our pocket when we over apply, which is money we're giving away. Where as the homeowner thinks "more is better", doesn't understand the label, or doesn't want to store the "leftover" material. You can't legislate this problem, or most problems for that matter, they need to educate the people which they can't pass laws to do. More laws only make things more difficult for the people that are doing the right thing in the first place, I'm not just talking about pesticide/fertilizer, life in general.

AL Inc

LawnSite Bronze Member
Long Island, NY
You are absolutely right Mike..the politicians take on these "soft" issues to try and justify their jobs. I really do wonder how much nitrogen pollution comes from certified applicators, and how much is from homeowners, unlicensed landscapers, and cesspools and septic tanks.
They passed a 48 hour neighbor notification bill here, where applicators had to provide 48 hour prior notice to all adjacent properties of the liquid application, including back-pack sprayers.
Well guess who was excluded? Farmers, golf courses and homeowners. Of course these coward politicians try to make it look like they are accomplishing something, but don't dare take on the farm lobby, or have weeds and disease on their golf courses, or piss off their constituents, the homeowners. Way to get the job done!!!
So now the ones who are saddled with this BS are the ones who are actually trying to do the right thing. What was solved?


LawnSite Fanatic
They regulate us as farmers absolutely to death. I have to soil sample 200 acres every year because I use chicken litter as fertilizer on this amount of land. I have to keep 4 different sheets of records on each separate field, take a sample of the litter to be applied and based on nitrogen content they give us a value to make sure we don't over apply. Now you talking about aggravating, I have to be recertified every three years for my license renewal to apply herbicides and pesticides and I am under a grandfather clause.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, they are in the process of testing ammonia emissions from air moved out of poultry houses by the fans we use. Once they determine how much "they think" you know the so called professionals it is affecting the air quality then they will try to start requiring electrostatics filtering systems to try to clean the dust particles before it leaves the houses.
This will be extremely costly and labor intensive trying to keep the filtering system clean from the dust produced by 24,000 chickens in a house for 9 weeks.

They can send you to school from now until the end of time and it is useless unless they have the knowledge and manpower to monitor the fertilizer applications and this is impossible. They can teach you what they want you to know but they have no clue as to what you are actually applying.

It may not be as bad in Russia as we once thought it was, we are being dictated to.


LawnSite Fanatic
The farmers are exempt on this fert issue, they don't need to take classes or licensing.
Yes we are regulated differently than landscape managers but it is becoming very difficult to keep a paper trail for them to follow. It takes up a lot of time for record keeping without the work of trying to feed people and it seems to be getting worse every year. I have watched this evolve and all they are trying to do is pacify the environmentalist, as long as you have a paper trail that is all they care about, they really have no idea if the information is correct. Then they tell the environmentalists we are doing a wonderful job protecting the world we live in just look at all these records we have.

More useless work for us to cover their butts.

It is not going to get better it is going to get worse. You are not the problem the average homeowner applies twice as much Nitrogen and Phosphorous as is needed. He then irrigates and here comes a very heavy rain which washes a large amount of the fertilizer directly to the storm water system. There is nothing to slow it down until it runs into the first stream and this is where a lot of the problems begin. This does not come from professional applicators, it comes from homeowners with the mine set that the more fertilizer I apply the better my lawn will look.


LawnSite Silver Member
Would our state license be PROOF enough that training has been acquired. I don't live down there but this unresponsibility is just politicians's way of taking the heat off of a major issue (So they won't have time to deal with it and act stupid) Sorry--hate them all. Too much graft! Bring back the old ways; I'm Italian.
Seriously, push your license as Proof...Look at all of the training, show your books, log book and anything else and do it in number....Roy


LawnSite Fanatic
I don't see this to be too much of a hurdle. At least you would stay in business.

You could take advantage of these new regulations....include in your brochure that you comply with the new rules.

Of course, your local situation does not even compare with what's rolling down the Missippi into the Gulf. (duh)

You can thank your local left-wingers that have too much time on their hands. Hell, I'm surprised they haven't proposed some kind of extra tax or something??? Our new govenor has already increased cigarettes to cost $10per carton more. Now he's calling for a 1% increase in sales tax. He also is asking for a 28% increase for state-salaried workers who only work 180 days per year (teachers). jeeze -- they already make twice as much as me!

Seems guys like us work very hard to get ahead in life. Too bad others do not.

Good luck -- I empathise with you.

p.s. Back in the early 80's, I was offered a choice of 5 new ChemScape (ChemLawn's tree/shrub division) markets to open up. I chose San Antonio, but 2 markets were in south Florida. Their tree/shrub program consisted of 5 feedings per year (cuz of sandy soils). I'm guessing 5 feedings won't fly down there now???

Good luck.