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    just got called in for my first wrecked yard. i was going to rent a BG but instead decided to hit it hedge trimmers, clean it up, and mow it down. these first 2 pics are hard to tell but the 3rd is how the backyard is. back is only about 20-25x40 and the front can be taken down to 3" first pass. instead of the BG for 60 some bucks, i hired out a helper at 13/hr to mow the front while i hedge the back then rake and cleanup. i charged $110. Am I doing this right?


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  2. SunriseLC

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  3. ltdlawn

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    Jeez thought it was a aerial view...
    I'd get a thick grass blade for string trimmer
  4. SunriseLC

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    do you think that would be quicker or more efficient than a clean cut, gather, mow?
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    why hedge trimmers? just mow it with the deck all the way up and then mow it again at a lower height and then again at the height you want it to be.
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    just busted out with stihl trimmer, raked it quick, then hit it with a 4" mow. 1.5 hr. the grass was almost a ft tall
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    I would have charged no less than $250-300. Very unpleasant work and pretty hard on the equipment. Hedge trimmer would work but a heavier string trimmer/ brush blade would make quick work of it, then follow through with mower.
  8. Highland79

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    Some of you guys are waaay to easy on your equipment. I regularly will cut an extra pass into a hayfield just to clear the deck to avoid scraping. I once worked for a guy who took on a brushhogging job and did it with old dixie choppers, never seen the deck so clean. And none of those machine's took any damage. All went over 3k hours. We mowed down groves of sumac sapplings, up to almost an inch thick.

    That yard, 3 passes with a commercial z, one at all the way up, 2nd at 4 inches, then back up to 4.5. Touch up with a whacker and your out and on the next lawn.
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    A decent mower will cut that no problem. I took my laser up to my hunting camp in June, it hadn't been cut since last labor day. There were spots where I couldn't see over the weeds while sitting in the seat but at a very slow speed, I cut about 3 acres. It does help to know where all the obstacles are though.
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    2 1/2 acre cleanup back in june, 3 ft tall grind it up with the Gravelys. 20170712_130427.jpg 20170917_163937.jpg

    1st pic was in june, last pic was last week. It was an abandoned senior care place. 4 different housing units some were worse than this pic.
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