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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ngog_Nrythrng, Aug 21, 2003.

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    You mentioned you have a Flex-Deck mounted on a Toro 36" hydro. This might be the combo I have finally settled on, and I was hoping you could answer some questions for me.

    Is this the 'classic' Toro floating deck hydro, model 30187, T-Bar, SFS deck, 15hp Kohler? Did you install the Flex-Deck, or have Brad weld it up? Is the 15hp enough, or does it bog down? Do you use anything like Jungle Wheels? Can you see a difference in cut, like a 36" strip and an 18" strip slightly different?
    How well does the T-bar work with the hydro: zero turns ok, reverse, etc.

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    gravedigger5 mounted his own - He would have to answer the rest of the questions. Thanks,
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    Ngog Nrythmg - tried to email you but it is not working on this site - I brought up the thread that gravedigger5 placed back in June as to his Toro 36 with the FD. Thanks -
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    Ngog, sorry didn't get back to you sooner, was camping, and just got back to to computer. To answer your questions, my mower is a fixed deck pistol grip hydro 15hp kawasaki, I'm almost positive it is identical to the exmark viking which is what Brad has. but the flex-deck should work on yours without to much more modifying. Brad had even sent me a picture of one like yours, he did for someone else. Yes I did install mine myself, not to hard if you can weld decent. I'm not the worlds greatest welder and mine turned out alright. 15hp is plenty. I have the Trimmer Trap Bull Rider, its okay but I am finally starting to use it more with the mower. Can't hardly tell any difference in the cut between mower and Flex-Deck, even in the bottom of ditches or transitioning over rough ground. Only thing that looks a little odd at first is the tire tracks it leaves, but not bad. Have even been getting decent stripes on yards big enough to stripe. Tbar, don't know, never used one. Pistol grips work great, and the hydro was a great improvement over the belt drive. Power reverse is awesome. Marc

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