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    I have used them for about 2 years. I get on average 160 calls a year. I would say a third of the calls are from sales people. All in all, I have generated about $2500 per month in maintenance accounts from them in the last two years.
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    Keith, how much are you paying per month year?
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  3. keithslawnc

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    Around $130 per month. If you sign up make sure they send you the monthly reports. It will show you the numbers that called and you will have the ability to listen to your phone call. Also ask for the whisper feature, which will softly notify you that the call came from there ad prior to connecting you with the customer.
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    I got a call from them. They wanted to talk forever and I usually just end the conversation by repeating im not interested over and over with these people, but I listened. I scheduled a meeting with them and researched on here and other places and called plenty of time before our scheduled time to talk. they wanted to ask me why why why and its not expensive. like other said they don't want to take no for an answer. they seemed offended I didn't want to do it. this is what bothers me most about this type of call. if your going door to door, calling people etc.. if they say NO, don't harass them.

    Instead of making a new thread about yodle id like to see what everyone's experience with them has been.
  5. herler

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    Good people, they will sing for your money, and maybe customers will come.
  6. recycledsole

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    sorry don't understand
  7. tonygreek

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    yo·del [yohd-l] verb
    1. to sing with frequent changes from the ordinary voice to falsetto and back again, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolean mountaineers.

    Just Google "yodel reviews" and you'll find a lot out there.
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    LOL, I just received the hard sell phone call myself. They manipulate their area code so that you think it is a local call coming in. Dirty scumbag tactic if you ask me.
  9. agent walker

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    signed up with them about 2yrs ago. cancelled after a year. I don't think I got a single call off of it and was tired of paying 100 or 120 a month. They had some deal for 25 a month you could put it on hold through the winter and wouldn't lose your ranking or something, so i did that. Just a waste for me. They guarantee you come in top of searches, but i couldn't find myself in the listing when i did a google search. So i doubt anybody else could either. I was to busy to try to get my money back. For what its worth, i did a yellow pages ad last winter for this year and havn't got a single call either. Same goes for craigslist ad. tho its been cold n rainy here.
  10. HBFOXJr

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    Folks wouldn't get far in sales and be able to help people find solutions for their needs. Likewise, we aren't going to be too successful if we don't listen and expand our horizons. A no can mean different things. It might not be a service or product for you, but it can mean that the sales person didn't explain something to you in a way you could relate and understand the value of the offer.

    One person commented here he wasn't interested in 12 months of payments for 9 months of his season. Really? How about your phone, insurance or equipment payments? Cost averaging is what it is about.

    For some the cost of gaining a new client this way may seem expensive, but first consider what all you may sell that client on through the year that they didn't sign up for. Services like aerate and seed, etc. How other work does that $40 mowing generate. Then add in how many years you keep the average client and multiple by annual revenue. You'll find that one time investment in customer acquisition is not a big as first imagined.

    This is not an endorsement of Yodel and I do not use them or any service like them. Just saying, keep your mind open to ideas.

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