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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnboy82, Jun 1, 2001.

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    hey there. i was just asked today to give a price for installing a new lawn at a customer's house. about an acre or so of lawn to be put in from seed. there is a started lawn there now, just beginning to grow. weeds n' seeds is what the builders call it. i looked around and there are some big loose roots as well as a good amount of smaller rocks and some gravel as well to be picked up before good turf establishment can take place. now as we all know this can be done by hand, a lot better than by machine. however to go and rake up all of this stuff by hand would take a few guys a good couple of days. so what i want to know is this. i have access to a harley rake on a skid steer, and i have access also to a york rake on a large kubota tractor. i was thinking about incorporating some sweet peet into this lawn as well before establishment. so what is a better tool for picking up rocks? i have used a york rake before and that is good, but i think it may leave some stuff. i saw a harley rake once up close, but have never seen the job it does. so what form of aparatus would you fellas use for this kind of work?
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    Do a search on Harley rakes lots of info on them
  3. Guido

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    I don't know that! Whats wrong with a power rake? When I'm done it looks like someone raked it by hand! Plus the time you save is well worth it I think. Now theres a difference between a "york rake" a power rake. The power rake has spinning tines that loosen up some soil and sort out most of the rocks and roots.

    Good Luck, and if the Harly rake you have to use is what I'm talking about, go for it!
  4. John DiMartino

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    A harley rake is the way to go,it will blow a york rake away,and it should throw all the stones to one side if its adjusted right.You need to have the ground fairly dry though,since the tines,and bars will clog up with mud if the ground is moist.The harley rake pulverizes the soil,so no further raking is necessary,so just hand rake around trees and home/landsape.
  5. CCLC

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    We have always use the Preperator to do our new lawns. This past week we had 2 lawns to do and decided to try the Harley Rake. The Harley Rake is the way to go. My guys said not to get a Preperator again unless I was going to do all the work myself. We rent these from our local rental stores. I recommend calling your local Harley Rake dealer and ask for a demo!!!
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    CCLC, We stick with the preperator, mostly because we have a couple of tractors to to the heavy work, tractors are faster getting our sites close then we come in and finish them off with the preperator. It might be that our average site is bigger too, most parks are over one acre in size and most are 3 + acres

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