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YORK RAKES - SUV / Pick Up Rake

Michael J. Donovan

Head Moderator, Online Communities
Staff member
Pittsburgh, PA
Now you can make your SUV or Pick Up even more versatile by equipping it with a York Rake. Maintaining that long gravel driveway or camp road just got a whole lot easier.

• Rake mounts to an SUV or Pick Up using a 2” receiver hitch.
• Raise and lower the rake from the comfort of your cab.
• Control box connects easily to a 12V DC cigarette lighter or power supply port.
• Integral storage stand to make connecting and disconnecting easier.
• Controller and power cable easily disconnects from the rake for safe storage.
• Rake teeth are heat-treated alloy spring steel rake teeth, 1-1/4” wide.
• 1-1/2” spacing between the teeth leaves desirable material behind.
• Spring steel rake heads resist bending and have greater flexibility and durability.
• Angles 30 degrees left or right to easily move material on or off road.
• Optional caster wheels help regulate the rakes working depth.
• Tapered roller bearings in the caster wheels allow faster raking and grading.
• Weight: 400lbs.
• Maximum working width: 8’
• Minimum working width: 7’ 1”
• Number of rake teeth: 35