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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Jackman, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Had read that York provides the stripe kits for Exmark. Anyone know if this is true, is York the manufacturer of the Exmark stripe roller? At my dealer the Striper is 300 dollars and thru York its 160....
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    Thanks for the post. The Exmark Turf Striper kits range between $239 and $269 so you may want to double check the price with your dealer.

    Just for kicks I also contact the other roller guys you mentioned and spoke with a very nice lady who quoted me $275.60 (includes tax and freight).

    Please keep in mind that the Exmark Turf Striper also benefits from the Exmark warranty, local parts supply and the newly designed mounting brackets that make it much easier to get the roller centered in the bearing races.

    One of the issues we've seen with the original mounting brackets has been that not everyone gets the roller centered and mounted solidly into each bearing race. This causes one race to crack prematurely which then allows the roller to "wobble" slightly which then takes out the bearing on the opposite side. The new bracket makes it more difficult improperly install the roller.


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    I heard that York tried to put a large price increase on the rollers that they were building for Exmark. Exmark told them to take a hike and started to build them in house. Any truth here Terry??? I also see the striper has reappeared on York Sheets web site.
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    I'm not sure all the reasons why we brought productions of the rollers in house however I can tell you that the MSRP has come down since we did. I can also tell you that the Turf Stripers are selling well.



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