you, are a very nasty man!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jan 7, 2004.

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    i usually don't give out useful advice, but this time, i am. DON'T be nice to people, DON'T cut any breaks, IF you even have to as much as bend over to move a barbie doll out of the way, CHARGE extra for it! (personally, i'd just run it over). i picked up a new client late in the season. grasscutting only. did 3 or 4 cuts, and that was it. i asked her if she wanted leaf cleanup, she said no. well, as i expected, i got a call from her late in october, "can u clean my leaves, it's such a mess?" i said sure, but, i don't know how much of a "mess" there is, so i can't give you a price on the phone. i'll be by to do the nieghbors on wednesday, i'll look at it then. she says she won't be home wednesday, i'm like, well.....ummmm, if you want me to do it, i'll charge accordingly, do u want us also through the rest of the leaf season? she says yes. so, i went, did the work,called (on her answering machine) and told her it would be $75, every two weeks, for 3 weeks( and believe me, this was a gift).couldnt seem to contact her , always got the machine. she called my machine, tells me that's entirely too much money, she don't want us to do it. so, i call her back(got machine again) told her $225 for the leaf season is a GREAT PRICE for that size property, and if she doesn't want us, that's fine, but you owe me $75!!! never heard from her. well, yesterday, i was going through my non payers, and made a few phone calls. she was one of them. told her to send check, told her she was late, told her i did the work more than two months ago, and i need my money. i just now got a phone call from her: " is this bob? bob, this is mrs. smith. what is your problem? i'm not sending a check, if you want your money, you come and get it. i never agreed to that price, you did the work unauthorized, but i will pay you. come and get your money, my boyfriend wants to meet you face to face. also, you have a very bad attitude, and you are a nasty, nasty man." so, i finish my last sip of beer, and say, "will that be all? or would you like to insult me some more?" she says, "you are rude, and nasty!" i said, "how would you treat someone who was trying to steal your money? tell your boyfriend to have my money ready when i get there, you have wasted enough of my time, i'll be there tommorow at 5:30. " CLICK!!!! talk about nerve, b@lls, and just outright being in the wrong. see what happens when you cut someone a break? that job could easily have been 4 bills for the season. no breaks, no favors, no mr. niceguy. you only get boned in the end!
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    Please let us know how this one turns out. I can see the storyline already....:D
  3. rodfather

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    bob, storyline or headline???
  4. AL Inc

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    I feel a funny story coming on.....Lllllllllllllets get ready to rrrrrrrrrrumbllllllle!!!!! Bobby, let us know how this turns out, hope you get your money.
    Unfortunately, it takes me all winter to get all of my money. I'm a homeowner too and I wouldn't dream about not paying someone who did work at my house. If I have a problem with the work, I speak to them about it calmly, and resolve the problem.
    I do see a a lot of truth in what you say, some of the most successful guys I know are like pit bulls when it comes to collecting money. They won't let go and don't give up until they're paid.
  5. General Grounds

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    :blob3: bobby, need so back-up, i HATE people that pull that crap, i had a thread last week "when good customers go bad", take a look. tony
  6. mtdman

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    This is why I don't do any work until I tell the person the price and get a confirmation.

  7. bobbygedd

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    tony, no back up needed, but, i saw your thread last week, and was the first to reply. well, maybe some back up ....can u dig a 6 ft hole, like real fast?
  8. proenterprises

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    I here where you are coming from on this one bobby. I have had a lady pulling the same crap with he this past spring season. I dont know what it is--but their seems to be a trend with people protesting clean-up bills. I just dont think people actually realize how much work goes into cleanup their leaves.

    As far as this "you come here and get your money". I wouldnt worry about her "boyfriend". However, be professional when you go to collect and dotn get into a pissing match with either of them and DO NOT GO INSIDE THE HOUSE. god forbid somthing happened to us-75.00 is not worth putting your life in danger.

    Good luck bobby, and let us know how it turns out.
  9. bobbygedd

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    oh, hey pro, i'm down with that. i will bring a friend, and i WILL NOT go inside the house. her saying, "my boyfriend wants to meet with you" is to me a threat. but , like i will be proffesional, i just want my dough. and i aint takin no sh!t .
  10. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    just have your friend bring a video camarea and sit in the truck and tape while yo go up to the door

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