you are the only one i trust, will u promise...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Oct 17, 2003.

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    well, i hate to get all mushy on you people, but all i can say is this has never happened to me before, and im very sad and at the same time very honored. i have a customer, an elderly couple, that i just started servicing this year. they called for an estimate back in may. they told me i was very high, and that they recieved other quotes much lower, they said thanks but no thanks. i said well, just a little advice to you, u need to check for these items(handing them copies of my pest license, and insurence card, and tax i.d number). i told them if these other companies were quoting so low, they probably didnt have these items. well, i got the job. as the season progressed, they asked for extra things, never hagled about the price, and always paid when the job was finished. i make it a point to not "linger" at a clients home, no chatting, etc, i have alot to do. but for this couple, who were very, very nice, i always spent 5-10 minutes chatting. well, two weeks ago when i was there, the wife told me that the husband went in for surgery, something minor. yesterday when i was there, she had bad news. things went very wrong, and he didnt have much time to live. she said he wanted to talk to me, would i call him on the phone. i said no, instead ill go to the hospital and see him. and i did. when i got there, he was in very bad shape. could barely talk. it took him a long time to say it, but this is what he said, " bob, i dont know you that well, but somehow my instincts tell me that i can trust you. you are the only one i trust, please promise u will help me. ill be gone in a couple of days. and i need to know that my home, which i took great pride in my whole life, and my wife of 60 years, will be taken care of. im asking you to keep up the property until my wife is also gone. i need full lawn service, leaves, fert, and snow removal. if you promise to take care of this, i will arange for you to be paid, in full, in advance, for the entire year, each year. whatever the price is, it will be fine. you will be well taken care of, you have my word on that. bob, you are the only one i trust, will you help me?" well, as much as i hate to admit it, with tears in my eyes, i held his hand and promised him that i would do all these things he asked. i sat with him another few minutes, and he fell asleep. i left. i then dropped by his home, and spoke with his wife about our conversation. she said she knew all about it, he discussed it with her. i must admit, i was very touched, and quite shocked(somebody really trusts me?) have any of u ever had anything like this happen?
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    I have enjoyed reading your posts and I enjoy your sense of humor as well. What I am trying to say is that I hope you are not joking or making this up, as I had a very similiar experience.

    Very similiar indeed. I also spent time with some elderly couples and one in particular died just hours after I visited them. After the funeral/burial, the wife called me and asked me to come over, very important. She led me to their shed and GAVE me all of his tools and various equipment. I politely declined her offer, but she was insistent and began taking things to my truck telling me she would not take no for an answer. When I finished loading my truck with approx $1000 of equipment, her jerk of a son pulled up and quickly noticed the tools were gone. He went nuts and started screaming at his newly widowed mother. When his tirade slowed down enough for her to get a word in, she explained to him that "dad" had sold his tools a long time ago and he should have noticed that before. She turned and winked at me and I drove away. The irony of that whole incident was that this happened less than 15 ft. from my truck loaded with these tools. If this jerk would have happened to look at my truck, he could have plainly seen all his dad's tools sitting in my truck bed.

    Even the smallest things we do, good or bad can have a profound impact on people's lives whether we know it or not. I visited the widow from time to time until her recent death. Now, her jerk son lives in that house and it is the WORST looking house on the block. What a shame! I truly believe that what comes around, goes around and I may not be here to see when the son get's his turn, but this old lady made me feel important, and I am now even more conscience of how actions and kind words can change history in the making.

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    Very touching story Bobby. Its a shame so many guys out there are just ripping people off. It is good that so many of the guys here on L/S and you are doing a fair job. Must be showing eh Bobby? If they can trust you that much, must be doing something right.

    Some of you know that my mother has breast cancer. She recently went through chemo, and its back again. Shes in the latter part of stage 3 out of the 4 stages of cancer right now. Its not easy for my sister Lindsey (15) dad, and I (16) to see her go through this right now. BUT aren't worried about her passing though (nor is she).Why? Becasue she realizes Heaven is a MUCH better place than this world., and she is ready to see it. We know that God has a reason for her trial in life right now. Could be to show others to Himself.
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    You should fell very honord
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    Almost the same thing happened to my brother. Except that my bro. not in the LCbiz but drove the old guy to work and home The guy made the same promises as you were saying. So bro start mowing and keeping the place all tidy The good news is the guy lived for another yr. On christmas my bro. gets a check from the guy for taking care of things becouse he never charged the old man Check was for 20K yea 20K The guy dies a few months later and bro get a call from an attorney and he thinks he gonna have to give the money back. But instead of having to give it back he finds out the old guy put him in the will. The old man left him 100k plus a new buick becouse he had to drive him to work. The old man was Mr. Mull the owner of MTD!!! bro had no idea who he was outside of his name which he never connected to the company. I swear on my mothers grave this is all true. I guess it pays to be trusted and liked. Mac
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    It's not always about money, business, etc.... sometimes the best things in life are simply experiences you share with other people. I too would be honored and touched by his request. I hope all works out for the best.
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    Never had it happen.
    Take care of that place and you will be rewarded in your own ways. It does a person good to be accomplishing something for reasons other than just money. Best wishes to you and your customers.

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    If he only knew of all the chaos that surrounds you and your clientele. I'm sure this deal, like all your other fables, will turn into a mess.
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    Two of my best ( and only ) tippers are widows who are on fixed incomes...I always refuse the tip or if they insist, I give it to my help. The thing is, I know I'm providing more than just a Lawn Service; a Smile and a quick chat and I've made their day: that makes all the BS a little more tolerable...
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    a few of my customers i hold close to my heart one in particulare won't let me leave her house with out giving her a hug she is like a grandmom we exchange gifts on holidays and was overjoyed when she saw my son for the first time. people like that really really make you feel appreciated and seriously loved.........with that said does anyone want to hug or perhaps cuttle :)

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