You are who you hang with

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    In business and in life, you are who you associate with. Depending on your upbringing, moral fiber and your placement on the "follower to leader" scale, you will tend to take on some of the characteristics and habits of those you surround yourself with. Hang with folks who are just a little further up the road than you and they will beckon you forward. Surround yourself with only those you are superior to and your growth as a human being will slowly come to a halt, and most likely even backslide to the "mean". Meanwhile, those you are "lording over" may improve, having you in their lives, and then move on as you settle down to their level. This observation is confirmed by most of the relevant and credible business and personal development books available on the market, both new and classic. So what about being of service? Isn't this idea elitist?

    This is one of those ideas that has a high potential for "the words getting in the way". We're not talking about snubbing those who are beneath you. We're talking about having the BULK of your associations, both personal and business, be of a higher caliber than you in whatever area you're pursuing. If being a great dad and husband is important to you, surround yourselves with successful fathers and husbands. Those who display traits you want. Don't go drinking with the guy in the office who flirts with the secretary or misses his daughter's dance recital because of work or other commitments. You will seek the mean. This "means" that you will either grow or shrink in proportion to the average quality of those you associate and spend time with.

    One thing that makes it EASY to hang with those who are a "mile back" and HARD to hitch your wagon to the "man of the year" is the Ego. The ego would MUCH rather be "king of the little people", "big fish in a small pond" or the "success amidst a group of failures". Hanging with the specimen who's never missed a single one of his son's 23 ball games, raves about his wife to everyone he talks to, never drinks more than a glass of wine at a meal, and takes time to exercise and meditate every day can be a humbling and ego diminishing experience. In a word; "uncomfortable". However, with discomfort comes growth. This is true in personal, business and in fact every area of life. Armed with this one fact, you can accelerate your growth as a business man, leader, father, husband, brother and human being.
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    hotwired - well put.
    Who you hang out with reflects who you are.
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    I do agree, but watch yourself lol

    It does work kind of like that, except I can't just run into the local Golf and Country club either,
    dress all fancy and then just plop myself right in the middle like that...
    Hey dude how's it going...? NO wait that's wrong...
    Good morning, how do you do sir?
    Ahh yeh yeh I got it.
    But not really, they might be fooled for a bit, but not in the long run.

    So then, as one example the higher ups can reject someone lower down, too...
    Why I say watch out.
    And you might be all right with that, and we said we would never snub those below us, right?
    Yes, but once I experienced this rejection then suddenly I knew how to do that :p

    Which, that's how I found we lose pieces of ourselves on our way up.
    I find myself being less forgiving, as another example.
    Something about losing out in the compromise...

    The funny of it is, in the end we're still no better off, no better than the next person.

    So it takes practice, time, and a bit of skill, I think.
    It ain't as easy as it looks, but it really does work kind of like that, yes it does.
    Nice and slow helps, one little step and one day at a time.
    Be cool man, be cool. :p
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    You need a bit more confidence....
    You aren't trying to impress 'country club' folk who are nothing like you. Of course they may reject you and that hurts.
    Find a mentor or two who reflects the same values that you hold near, and who is someone you would like to emulate. Get to know them and learn from them - this is the way to go. Its not about impressing someone else who you think is above you, its about elevating yourself by learning from people you trust and who are good role models.

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    Like Bob Marley said "you can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time."
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    Ever here birds of a fether ???
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    You should give credit to whoever you copied/pasted that from.

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