You better get on it boys, fert is going up fast!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. rcreech

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    Are we going to see another repeat from 2008?
    Are fert prices going to go up?

    I ordered all my pre-emergent 3 months a ago (thank goodness) and just ordered 60 ton of my regular fert to cover me for the 2011 season.

    Better get on it is all I can say. Probably looking at a $4-5 increase per bag. That is $3000 to 4000 per load boys!

    You can borry money A LOT cheaper then that!

    Get your pencils out as this is a great way to save money, get/stay competitive and take advantage of those that are sitting on their hands!!!!
  2. Ric

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    2008 was actually very good to me. My margin is high enough I could eat the increased costs while my competitors couldn't. Truly Nolen my biggest local company with the largest Market share cut cost by reducing fertilizer applications. By the end of Rainy Season and Yankee Snow Birds come back day, Their lawns looked washed out. My lawns stayed green because I didn't back off. What I lost in margin I gained in walk up accounts. True I was happy to see prices drop again because I was just about ready to raise prices.
  3. azjojo99

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    I saw a JDL early order program today, buy and take delivery by 12/31 and get 10% off, other terms for delivery next year.

    Make me want to get my prepay letters out in the mail.
  4. rcreech

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    I don't see how one can send out prepay's or even give an estimate if they don't have their 2011 inputs locked in.

    One needs to know their costs before they can know what to charge and make a profit.

    If you tell the customer a price and inputs go up 20+%...what it left it yours!

    Just a little FYI
  5. olive123

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    i dont know about high prices we just got our coop bids in and the prices on fert is lower that its been in 3 years.
  6. rcreech

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    You better do some QC checks. Something doesn't sound right there at all!

    It is no secret to anyone (look at the urea market) that N has gone up like crazy.

    I bought a load of 28 back in June at $180 a ton and today it is $313.

    Prices have not jumped like crazy yet but I paid $2 more per bag then I could have if I would have bought it back in spring.
  7. americanlawn

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    Hi rcreech -- I just emailed you via your verizon email address. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, americnlawn
  8. olive123

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    my prices are set until the end of 2011. I just ordered 13-3-13 for .267 a lb from
    JDL. 24-5-11 for .279
  9. rcreech

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    Those prices are not bad.

    What amount of SCU?

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    You post the same thing every year. To let us know you can buy a hole bunch at a time. I didnt have any problem in 08. know one can predict what the fert prices are going to be. It's like gas prices up than down.

    Well how did the crab grass thing come out. did you spray a lot of yards. Are you going to change your crabgrass pre app next year.

    Charles Cue

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