you can say I told you so


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Ok Ok you all can say it. Using the consumer equipment that I have used for the past 7 years has been ok. But now with the groth that I have experienced this year I have done it. I just picked up a great dane to demo, the bank said ok so Ill sign the papers monday I demoed a snapper a few weeks ago wasnt impressed with the cut the speed was ok but the dane puts them both to shame! The sucker is too fast I dont have any lawns I can go full tilt on.<br>Now making the payments is all. Jim


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Jim, this should be a good incentive to go out and get the big fish. Anyway it maybe along time before you have any breakdowns


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Natural,<br>I have a GREAT DANE 52&quot; 25hp Kohler. I really like mine. I have had it about a year and the thing will cut like crazy. If anyone tells you that it is not possible to cut grass going ten miles per hour they are wrong. Also you made a wise choice by leaving the snapper alone. I owned one.<p>


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I own a great dane 61&quot; 25 Kohlor. The only complaint is the baffling under the deck makes it hard to cut wet grass. Other than that I love it.

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