You CANNOT be upfront and honest with these people

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFW Area Landscaper, May 29, 2007.

  1. DFW Area Landscaper

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    On the sales call, if they start making an issue of Th/Fr service, you are dealing with a first rate is important that you recognize this immediately. What this jerk is telling you is 1.) I don't want a long term commitment 2.) I don't want to provide you with ANY work for 4 months per year and 3.) you are only allowed to work 2 days per week, 8 months per year and your price has to be right there with everyone else's. They REFUSE to see anyone's perspective on this but their own.

    If you are upfront with them and explain that we only service this neighborhood on Tuesdays, THEY WILL NOT SIGN UP. Your ONLY choice is to lie to them and tell them that you will switch them later but for now, they will TEMPORARILY have to go on Tuesdays.

    Do I feel guilty telling lies???? HELL NO! They should feel guilty telling me to work 2 days a week, 8 months per year!!!!

    DFW Area Landscaper
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    disagree. Be honest and if they dont sign up who cares? As you said they are no long term customer so why waste your time?!?!?!?!? Dont break yourself getting their property in shape as you said they will come and go. TURN KEY customers are what we are looking for.
  3. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I'm sure everyone on LawnSite will turn on me for creating this post, but for the small minority who are actually booked on W-Th-Fr, they will see exactly where I am coming from on this.

    The truth of the matter is, you can't make this business work and only mow lawns on Thursdays and Fridays. Fortuneately, there are enough REASONABLE people in the world to allow us to stay in business.

    It's the unreasonable jerks who INSIST on Th-Fr service that drive me nuts. It's like, I've got a sale, I am closing it and BAM!!! Can I get Fridays? No? Well, I think I'll call around and find someone who can...I will never be honest again. From now on these jerks are getting lied to everytime and then they can cancel later on if it's really that important to them. "Friday's are no problem, Mr Jones, but we'll just have to put you Tuesdays temporarily until someone else cancels. Yes, we'll drive clear across town just for you, you jerks!!!!"

    Gets me so mad I can't stand it! D*** that makes me mad when I blow a sale with honesty!!!!

    DFW Area Landscaper
  4. nick-bigfootlawn

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    I see your point, if your booked on W-Th-Fr then your booked, I would just tell them that. If they don't understand then let them go, they just aren't worth it.
  5. razor1

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    Maybe give them a disount for Mon-Tues. like the pizza shops do. I've had to give up some customers who demand thurs. friday service only. :cry:
  6. carcrz

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    Nothing wrong w/ telling them that you have an opening on Mon - Wed. I don't agree w/ lying though. Just let them know that you are in their area on _______ & that it would be their mowing day should they choose to sign up with you.
  7. dkeisala

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    I understand the question but don't understand the problem. Yes, everyone wants Thu. or Fri. but what's the problem if the lawn is getting maintained on a week-by-week basis? Most people mow their own lawns only when they have to which probably isn't every 7 days. Besides, I've ALWAYS thought that a lawn looks better 2 to 3 days after the mow. These are the same people who tell you they like their lawn cut to within 1/2" of the soil surface and then wonder why they have weed problems, have to water it twice a day and fertilize every 2 weeks.

    I simply tell people like that that they don't really understand how to manage turf and that their expectations are unreasonable. In the most diplomatic of terms, of course.
  8. Woody82986

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    I just don't see the point in bein upset if a potential client just wont fit itno your schedule. They are paying you and want their service on a certain day. Shouldn't people get what they want when they are paying for it? If a client wants something and I can't accommodate it, I understand that he might take his money to someone who can. I know I do the same with my money.
  9. rodfather

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    I flat out inform people if they insist on a Thursday or Friday mowing and I am not in their general area on either of those days, you are looking at least triple the price as opposed to that day I am. It's pretty simple IMO.

    If they want to shell out 3X, fine. If not, enjoy the rest of your day.
  10. DFW Area Landscaper

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    Common sense dictates that we have to mow some lawns early in the week if we're to make a living at this. If a client doesn't care enough about me as a human and my need to earn a living, and they're unwilling to bend on an issue as big as this, (that is, my need to work 5 days per week), they are without a doubt, completely unreasonable.

    Sure, everybody wants Th/Fr lawn service but reasonable people are willing to bend on certain things in the interests of the humans they are doing business with. It's called being reasonable. Clients who give you an ultimatum: Th/Fr or I find another contractor...they are not being reasonable.

    Additionally, if I'm a new client signing up with an established lawn mowing company, I would feel arrogant to do anything more than politely ask for Th/Fr service if at all possible. I would not expect someone to go completely out of their way to accomodate my little tick-tack preference. It's like, this established lawn mowing company has other clients who have obviously been with them a lot longer than I have...shouldn't they be first in line for Th/Fr service? Maybe I have to go on Mo/Tu until a slot opens up later in the week. Maybe I have to prove myself to the contractor for a while before I should expect something like that. I dunno. Just the way I think a reasonable person would approach the issue.

    DFW Area Landscaper

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