You cannot out give the Lord

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I have always said that when you try to out give the lord, you just cannot do it. I does not require going to church every sunday, or walking around with a bible in your hand preaching the gospel. Daily spontaneous acts of kindness: helping your elderly neighbor cutting their grass, stopping to help that stranded driver on the side of the road, volunteering your time to a cause, and most of all respect of family, friends, and others.
    I try to attend church when possible; which is not nearly enough for what I have been blessed with. I recently started to give more back to our church, that gives so much to my family. Out of the blue, I end up getting big lawn care contracts, it happened today two large apartment complex's owned buy a company in South Carolina, and one large HOA.

    If this economy has you: angry, frustrated, jealous or ready to give up? remember, we are not in control? Be kind to others; because you might just get more in return than you expect.
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    Amen Brother...! I try to walk by faith and faith along. Hard times will sometimes test that faith, that is when you know that you have to let go and let God!

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    I picked up a new client on Thursday and told him I would be out to cut (Bushog was more like it...grass was 2 feet tall fescue/rye) on Friday. He wanted to apply some fertilizer to his new home lawn and he didn't have a spreader. I told him I would bring along my spreader and he could use it. I arrived at his house at about 4:30PM and was nearly finished when he got home and he said what was 2 ft tall grass when I started looked great. My customer asks if I brought my spreader and I said (Sure did, he said you mind if I put out this weed/feed?). So I helped him calibrate the spreader for his type of fert and he proceeded to put down about twice as much as he needed (I told him he only needed 1/3 of the bag since it covered 15K, he insisted)...he really wanted it to grow I guess? When I finished weed whacking and edging I taught him how to setup his irrigation system and also how to fill in some of the cracks in his sod with some of the river sand on the empty lot next to him that had been abandoned when the housing market took a dive. This fellow was so thankful. I am now 2 lawns behind as I spent enough time with him that I could have cut my other two lawns last night (And now I can't because we got some heavy rain last night). When I left he said, see you in two weeks? I said yes, but we may need every week on this one he said, ok.

    So what would have been a one time cut turned into a bi-weekly or possibly a weekly (I have another in same neighborhood so it doesn't matter to me and I will charge accordingly.

    Sometime you have to give to get, and what I learned from a few customers is that some of my competition has been rude and unhelpful to my clients needs. I don't mind bending over backwards to pickup a client and if it means you spend 2 hours at a location doing it but you get the work...I see it as money well spent.

    A customer I signed up last week (Christian lady, very religious) told me she prayed to the lord to bring her a lawn guy. Now some of you non believers may say this is a bunch of crap, but she told me that within a few days I showed up. She is very happy with me and my work and she is setup as a yearly contract. Her previous lawn guy was very rude, didn't show up when he promised and would trim her hedges when she asked.

    She tells all of her peeps at work she has a "I got a good yard man".

    Maybe I am too nice, but I believe in what goes around, comes around.
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    Great words. I beleive 100% that you are blessed when you are a blessing. God has provided for me every time i have needed it. And I know That it is his hand that guides me. I do mowing every year for two or three customers for free. Those customers change every year. It is usually an elderly lady or a single mom etc. that is in a real bind and does not have the means to do it theirselves. I have an amazing story about how I began work for one hoa and it turned into much more work with the management company and it was all given by God. Amazes me everyday.
  5. dwlah

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    Your right you cant outgive God

    A couple of years ago I'd get ticked if something broke/didnt go the way I thought it should

    Now I just press on toward the goal and try to keep things in perspective

    This past winter I thought Id have to give up/cut way back and go find a J.O.B.(Just Over Broke) but the Lord kept enough work coming in to keep the lights on
    For that Im very thankful
  6. Rcgm

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    I helped out a guy last year down on his luck and he said I will repay you one day when I can. I said don't worry about it pay it foward. Well about 3 weeks ago I get a call from a guy I did not know he left his name and number on my voice mail I called him and he said he wanted some yew bushes removed and some new landscaping long story short I went and talked with him made a landscape plan for him and I am starting his landscape job Monday his estimate was about thirteen thousand dollars to landscape all the way around his house. I said how did you get my number he said so and so gave me your name the guy I helped last year gave him my phone number.

  7. Marcos

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    Messages: 3,720 time, guys...with all due respect...

    Why don't you take the religious-type threads like this one...and start them in the Religion and Spirituality forum ?!?

    Opening up such a non apropos topic as this in the "General Green Industry Discussion" forum....can be seen as nothing less than plain-and-simple flagrant proselytizing by many others on this site !
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    Good for you nosparkplugs and to everyone else that helps people out not expecting a return for their good deed, but getting one anyway. It is wonderful the blessings that we all get on a daily basis. We just have to pay attention to them and realize that everything does happen for a reason.:clapping:
  9. corey4671

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    why is it that anything spiritual is so offensive to people?
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    Give and it shall be given to you.

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