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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. fga

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    Today I was stopped on my route, and the neighbor of the house I was working at came over to ask me for an estimate. The thing is, I used to cut them like 3years ago, and I worked for them about 2 years. The guy was cool but the wife was a PITA. She would make comments to her husband about me when I'm standing 10 feet away...... like"....I know we can get someone cheaper." "why can't he work when it rains...."
    This year I have a dump truck, which I've been working out of with the mowers, and she didn't recognize me. She came over acting sweeter then anything, r u the owner here? At first I was expecting a fight, maybe blocking her driveway with the truck (which I wasn't). So I'm walking her property trying to figure how I can work into the conversation that she doesn't remember me. She was complaining about the bushes being overgrown...... I said "........well, i used to tell your husband that they had to be trimmed more." She paused and stuttered alittle. "Don't you remember me?" she said she didn't know, cuz her husband used to deal with workers.(LIAR). Then she mentioned they were divorced recently, and she'd need someone to do take care of the place.
    This is my question after all that rambling...... 1) She's probably gonna milk him for alimony, so costs should be easy, do I take it with a higher estimate? 2) Do I point out how nasty she was and turn her down? Or go with a real price, and realize that $$$ is $$$?
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    Go with an extremely high price.
  3. googleplex

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    go for the higher price - but don't point out how nasty she was. Try to make it positive. "She seems to be in a MUCH better mood, much less to worry (or complain about)" et cetera . Kill her with kindness while letting her know that she was a @#$% to you - but since she no longer has the husband to 'cause' her meaness - she has no reason to be rude to you!!!
  4. LS5DAVE

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    I would go with a real price. $$$ is $$$. Maybe it will work out good this time.
  5. gravedigger5

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    There are three price structures
    1: Regular price (most of my customers)
    2: PITA factor price (for all those extremly PITA accounts)
    3: I'll give you a break price (1 little old lady that also makes me choc chip cookies)

    Money is money, so charge her the pita factor price and make some cash.
  6. fga

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    maybe if she gives me a hard time, I could send you over there to shoot up all her squirrels on the property. :D :D :D lol just a joke this time........ seriously, ya ther if i need ya?
  7. Pecker

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    Price + PITA factor. If she did it once, she'll do it again!
  8. rodfather

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    I'd be wary of this one Adam. Can't/doesn't remember you? This lady definately has some "static in the attic" IMO...
  9. barringtonbrothers

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    She will be a pita again. If you want to deal with her again charge her out the old wazoo, that way you can look at it as hey Im making a crap load off this dumb broad who cares what she thinks.
  10. sildoc

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    You would be suprised how people change after being divorced. Some times people just don't get along with their mates and causes them to be a Pita. Once they are divorced, viola, person is happy and not as picky.
    We get picked on alot of times because people know we will take it and they don't want to start $h!^ with their spouse.

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