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You folks who have plenty of rain please send us some, county is burning up.


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It has been 3 months since we have any rain and we have the worst wildfire in the history of Ware County. School has been cancelled for over a week because it came within 150 feet of 2 schools and bad smoke damage. Smoke is so bad you can't hardly go outside. On top of that I am down to cutting once a month now and did 2 today that were dead and brown, is hurting me badly income wise plus the fire. I feel for you folks who have been flooded recently but I sure wish we could have a little of it! None in the forecast anytime soon either. Not a good way to start off the year. Usually this time of the year it is so wet I have trouble mowing but not this time.


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I heard that! I;m in the Florida panhandle and we sure could use some rain. Supposed to be some coming through from the west tomorrow. Maybe it will get ya'll over in Georgia after it gets us.


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Very dry in North Florida too. We got smoke from the Georgia fire in Jacksonville. I hope all is well for you in Blackshear. Hopefully you did not get any damage.

Mark in MD

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I think we have a bit of a drought going on here in Maryland. When it's been dry a week and then they call for rain 80%-90% and it barely rains, that's the sign of an ongoing drought.


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I Just came back in the house.... I went outside and put a stamp on several rain clouds....they should be there by Monday......

"unless the US post office looses them "


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Its been raining off an on here throughout April. Sorry about the drought but this rain is making me go crazy!

Metro Lawn

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rained all day yesterday, all day today and looks like maybe a few more days as well. Already 100s of jobs behind... may have to write this week off completely.