You get what you pay for

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by hosejockey2002, Jun 5, 2003.

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    You would think I would know better after all I've read on Lawnsite, but two weeks ago I bought a 4 stroke Troy-Bilt trimmer. I liked the features, and the fact it was a 4 stroke, and I liked the price ($225). I don't do a lot of commercial trimming, but I stumbled onto a job cutting 6-8 foot high elephant grass on rough terrain. I put the brush blade on my Troy-Bilt and got to work. About 45 minutes before completing the job, my trimmer ground to a halt. The engine had seized. Now I realize that the trimmer was not a commercial grade trimmer, but still should have been able to stand up to heavy use. I took the P.O.S. back where I got it and got my refund, and after much deliberation bought a Stihl FS85 split shaft trimmer. It's lighter, more powerful and from what I've read will stand up to anything I can dish out. Moral of my story, you get what you pay for, and if you ever plan on using a piece of equipment on a job, get the best you can find. Some of us are slow learners.
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    Take it back to Lowes's (or wherever you got it) and get your money back. It should still be under warranty (but not for commercial work, just dont tell them). Get a commercial trimmer. You can find one for about the same price ,maybe a little more. Husky 323 is $249, I think. I like my Shindy T230 ($289).

    Not just equipment but as for service too, I let my potential customers know that "you get what you pay for". You want Johnny down the road for $20, fine. He'll do a $10- $20 job. You can hire me.......
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    I took it back for a full refund- it had a 90 day warranty for commercial use. I then bought a Stihl FS85. (see above).

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    we use FS 85's and they're the best trimmers on the market
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    How Does ECHO seem to hold up. I'm new in business and bought an ECHO Trimmer and a Cub Cadet Self Propelled Mower.
    Bot seem to do well so far, but the long run is what i'm concerned with. Any opinions?
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    You will probally get alot of different opinions here, so here goes. I have owned and used Echo products my 5 years in business and can say I have had good luck so far. (knock on wood) That's not to say I would never consider anything BUT Echo, but for now they work fine. Good luck.

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