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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Duncan IN, May 1, 2002.

  1. Duncan IN

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    After reading some posts on here I just wanted to start a new thread on this topic.

    The Pros and the Scrubs

    I have read so many posts about how scrubs are lowballing the pros and how it ticks the pro off that he lost a contract.... Why worry about loosing a yard to them? If you do a good job, show up on time every week (Weather Permiting), and have Good PR (Public Relations) then you shouldn't have to worry about the scrubs. If you do loose a contract to a scrub shake it off, The customer will learn in time that they get what they pay for. Plus you can find more work if you do a good job.... This is my third year in the business and I have not LOST a contract yet to a scrub. Came close but a little PR and took care of the problem. I had a scrub bid 25 dollars lower on a big contract that I had for 350 the previous year, I raised the price to 400 this year and I still got the contract! 75$ higher and still got it! They told me they like my work and I am very dependable. I only have to worry about another pro beating me out of that one. I always strive to make a yard look better. Do some little extra things for the customer to make them well pleased with the work and to let them no that I take pride in the my work.... I started out as a SCRUB and worked my self up the ladder pretty darn fast becuase of the work I do and how I do it. Do your best and you will be the best and not have to worry all the time about loosing yards to scrubs.

    Well I just wanted to share that. Thanks

    Just picked up my newest mower today!!!! 2002 xxwd5000 with all the new additions!!!! You can't beat this mower. Getting rid of my scag asap, Piece of ****

    xxwd5000-dodge 2500 online pic.jpg
  2. strickdad

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    hard to shake off the loss of a 50,000 dollar a year account..
  3. ADMowing

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    Duncan -- We agree wholeheartedly! That is how we run our business. If people don't want to pay our quoted price, we tell them that there are other business around and they can get quotes from them as well. But our professionalism and willingness to talk to customers has kept us many for four and five years running.

    We got lowballed at a church once and the people who got the job were SORRY! So what goes around, comes around too!

    We do also leave things in the hands of a higher source as far as our business is concerned too! I hope it doesn't bother anyone that we say that, but that is how we do things and I guess we all have the right to be ourselves! We've actually lost two jobs to a scrub who was supposed to be a friend of ours. He said he'd never take our customers and he's out there now doing these lawns. Funny thing is that they were two of our worst accounts.

    It is so encouraging to read these posts on here. We're new on this site and it has given us a new kind of pride in what we do. We always like to make our lawns look their best -- mow, edge, weedeat and blow everything off each and every time. But when the days are tough and the sun is hot, it's nice to know that you guys are all out there too! (Except when it's raining).

  4. Joe W.

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    My customers biggest complaint is "he was not very dependable".
    Good work only gets done when you show up.
  5. chimmygew

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    I would be the scrub that he is referring to..........
  6. chimmygew

    chimmygew LawnSite Senior Member
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    And by the way, I got that account last year, and this spring they signed a 3 year contract.
  7. twins_lawn_care

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    small world I guess :jester:
  8. kalyeah

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    That's the complaint I always hear when I ask why they're not using the same person as last year. They say they weren't dependable.
  9. pcnservices

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    I think 99,9% of the guys (pro lco's) here at LS agree with you. I think we are professional enough to "handle" losing a client to a new guy just starting up or a scrub.

    If I loose a client to a lowballer or a scrub I dont have a problem with that. I had a client whom I serviced for 3 years call me back after 6 weeks and begged me to put him back on my schedule. Those clients selling themselves to a scrub or a lowballer has just proofed that they have NO loyalty towards you and your business. So let them have it! They got BS'ed by a wanna be pro.

    My biggest concern is losing a client to my competition. If that happens then I know I have failed in my standard of service or I screwed up big time somewhere - and that's not good! I always want to be a step ahead of my competition.

    There is nothing as good for your business as good, strong and healthy competition! So - do you want to compete against a scrub or strong competition?

    Good Luck
  10. chimmygew

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    This will be my 10th year in biz and am doing fine. I am not a startup or a scrub. Haven't been a scrub since my third year in biz. Yes, I started off with all Sears equipment and slowly upgraded. The main reason that I started up this thread again was because he called me up b****ing that I got them to sign a 3 year contract. That is the only reason. I am not a scrub.

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