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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by buysell, May 19, 2010.

  1. buysell

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    have 1.5 acres..i was looking at john deer 320 48 inch 3 blade deck...john deer ztr eztrack z445 or the toro time cutter z4200...if you can help it would be appreciated as to which one and as to your thoughts behind it*trucewhiteflag*..also need the ability to suck up leaves..deer has the powerflow...oddly expensive at 1k-1500
  2. jkitterman

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    Go try to get some seat time. See what dealer you like. Tractor if snow removal is going to be done
  3. mnglocker

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    The EZtrak has larger tires making it ride smoother than the Toro. And if you plan on doing anything other than cutting grass a tractor is a big plus. I'd look at the x360 deere though. It's got a servicable transaxle, where as the x320 does not. My sister/brother inlaw have the x320, it's a nice machine though and we did fluid fill the tires for added traction.
  4. biggziff

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    If you're only going to mow and value your time, get a ZTR. If you'll need something to do more than mow, don't buy a ZTR. I just went from an LX277, 48" cut to an Exmark 52" cut. My front lawn alone went from 40 minutes or so to around 15 minutes time to cut. I should have done this 10 years ago.
  5. buysell

    buysell LawnSite Member
    from nj
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    ok..a ztr its going to be,,,,i have a craftsman old garden tractor for dragging stuff when incentive to get a mower is that my current landscaper is going to charge 100 dlrs a cut..400 a month!! i figure ill mow every 10 days or racking my brains as to which unit to get though..perhaps you guys can tell me if a 42 inch is good or would a 48 inch be to wide causing scalping or limitations that im not aware of? its a backyard not a field about 6 3ft wide oaks along the way and some small hills areas (more like a mound or 6 along the yard) deer z225? deer z445? toro? others u may suggest....also need or would like the ability to mow and bag the leaves of thos 6 oaks..?

    thanks in advance

  6. jkingrph

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    I have a ten year old JD lx 265( I think) lawn tractor 48", 17hp kawi. About three years ago I started having shoulder pain, neck aches after mowing so I got a Scag Wildcat. The ease of steering eliminated my aches and pains quickly.

    I did keep the JD , although initially my wife wanted to sell it. I told her it was worth more to keep to pull cart, or move my tandem axel utility trailer round and that as a used unit probably would not get that much for it, although it looks almost like new. I pulled the deck, cleaned and repainted in JD yellow, replaced idler pulleys with sealed bearings, sucked the oil out of the transaxel and replaced. I have always run synthetic oil and as homeowner changed oil about twice a year, mid season and at end of season, probably overkill for hours used, but oil's cheap compared to engines. I had mounted a small battery maintainer, and keep it plugged in most of the time and as a result am still using the original battery ten years later.

    It is definetly worth having around as a back up unit, and to move the bigger trailer, I can back it up to hitch up much easier than trying that with the ztr which also has a trailer hitch. I can twist around and see the hitch ball on the JD whereas the engine totally blocks my view plus I cannot turn around and control the ztr like that.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I did the same thing with My Saber. I do use it to tow a dump cart. I had to put a new deck on it last year. Painted the deck JD yellow being it was bought at a John Deere Dealership as a Saber by John Deere. It's at my mother in law's home mowing her lawn right now. Darn does the Saber mow a pretty lawn. I've been using Mobil 1 in the 16 hp Vanguard, and hydro transaxle. I love that mower. My wife didn't think it was going to get much mowing time being we got a Bad Boy Pup last year. But it can go places the ztr can't. Like on steep slopes along the drive way. And across the pond spillway and dam. I've had it since 1999, and plan on keeping it just as long as it'll run, roll, and mow.

  8. mnglocker

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    The Toro Timecutters are toys, not much more, now a Zmaster on the other hand.. That's a machine.

    With the Deere's the z225 is very much a consumer model, a toy so to speak. The z400 series are a very heavy duty consumer model. If they put the 7-iron deck on them with the same 4-point lift system they'ed be on of the best small commercial machines out there.

    I'd look at the z445 with the 54" high capacity deck. It's got the most durable mounting sytem for the deck out of the ones you've listed.

    I've got a Z425 and I've had to do some extensive mods to keep the deck attatched. The front mounting hoop the deere uses on the smaller machines is a crappy design. The z445 with the 54"HC deck has four verticle lift points. Just like all the bigger commercial machines. as a home owner it'll last you a life time.

    And 42" is waste of time on a rider/z-turn. 48" is the minimum. a 54" is just fine. Cut at 3.25 and you shouldn't have any scalping problems.
  9. buysell

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    from nj
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    thnks for the reply and others also,

    so i guess ill go with the jd there a real difference for my usage regarding the Kawasaki engine or the b&s engine?
    2- your saying the the 48 inch in your opinion is not to wide for a property thats kind of "moundy" at times correct?..even if one mows at the highest level wouldnt the lawn get scalped?
    3-how does one mow around a tree that has say an island around it(lawn that slopes up to and around a tree that is about 4 ft in diameter?

    thanks, and looking forward to the reply


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