You guys kept me from having a bad experience.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jc1, Mar 8, 2002.

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    I had an opportunity to buy out a guy's business. He supposedly had a bad back and his doctor told him he had to get out. So he put's an add in the paper. I see it and give him a call, we talk I learn he has like 60 accounts. He really doesnt know how to price them and either do I. So I log on to lawnsite and perform a Search. I find some good info on prices to buy out accounts and I read about a no compete contract. So with my new found knowledge I prepare my offer. He is ok on everything except the no compete contract. He won't aggree and I'm not backing down. So after a few weeks I still see his ad, call him again still he wont agree, a few more weeks still same ad. I call he tells me he sold his business finally but has some equipment left. This all happened back in Jan and Feb. Yesturday I open up paper and this guy now has an add saying he is now accepting new customers and i'm sure he'll accept his old ones also. Too bad the guy that bought him out doesnt read lawnsite im sure he isnt happy now. Thanks to All here that post this great info.
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    I will say that the new people getting into this business are a lot more informed, and luckier too that they have sites like this to gather info from. I didn`t know about lawnsite when I bought mine, but did have a friend that was a lawyer, and he helped me with the no compete clause, and other stuff. The sad thing is that some people do not know about this site, and do the purchase by theirselves, thinking the person selling is honest, and they get taken for a ride. :mad:
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    Amen.. and thanks to all that participate
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    What a DIRT BAG! (the other guy not you)

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