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You guys repair sprinkler heads?

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You guys carry a little box of spare parts on your rigs for
repairing sprinkler heads? The reason why I ask is because
I never hear you guys talking about them. Is it part of your
daily routine to repair customer's sprinklers?
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Part of the mowing deal, u will have to dig up a head sooner or later. The key here for the irrigation techs and companies that install/work/repair systems is that a "license" is needed to perform the work, thus allowing them to charge the same across the board. We gladly added a licensed irrigation tech to the company a few years back. Spring start up and fall shut down alone pays his salary and then some. $65,$75 and hour, The Lawn care industry as a whole needs to organize and lobby states to create a license for basic lawn and landscape company's to have basic knowledge, heck I even see that sima has tests for guys to become certified snow plowers..!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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