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You guys repair sprinkler heads?

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You guys carry a little box of spare parts on your rigs for
repairing sprinkler heads? The reason why I ask is because
I never hear you guys talking about them. Is it part of your
daily routine to repair customer's sprinklers?
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I do carry some rotors, spray bodies and spray heads along with PVC odds and ends. I do not have a irrigators license so if I break a head while mowing I would call one of my buds that do have a irrigators license and tell them I was going to replace it. Also if the person had a valve or something leaking I would tell the person and then I would call my buds and if they all were busy for awhile I would fix it and let them know the property address and the problem [working under their number]. But I guess all that is going to change this year because here in Texas the new law says that a licensed person has to be on site.
You have to have a lic to repair just a damaged head? We catch heads all the time which really isn't our fault. The lic irrigators install the heads right against the concrete so that the edger busts the heads if we forget about one.
In the great state of Taxes, oops I meant Texas, yes you do. This is how the law reads.

A person may NOT sell, design, install, maintain, alter, repair, service or inspect an irrigation system - or consult in these activities - in this state unless the person is licensed by the TCEQ, [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality]

Like I said I used to work under, when needed, one of my buddies license because I am going to break a head or two and I also turn on my commercial properties systems once a month to make sure they are working right and not waisting water if something was/is damaged.

But now that they changed the law so that a licensed irrigator has to be on site directly supervising, well this just blows, because I sure as hell do not want to pay someone a 50 buck service call plus parts to replace a 2 buck nozzle. Also you cannot go buy a nozzle and tell the homeowner how to do it because that would be consulting.

This is kind of like having an pesticide applicators license. In the years past, since I have only done my mowing clients, the price of having and maintaining my license was almost a wash. But now that I am trying to change gears and starting do do less mowing and trying to build up more pest control. I guess I will eventually get my irrigation license and start doing more repairs also, although some of these can be a pain.

This is why it is hard as hell to compete with Johnny Come Lately lawn service, because I am thousands in the hole before I cut my first blade of grass, ect........
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Does the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality have
a satellite in orbit spying on you waiting for you to change
a sprinkler head? How the heck are they gonna know that
you changed Mrs. Jones's sprinkler head that day?
No they do not, well they might, I'm not sure. The trouble with some of these laws is that they have them but not enough people to enforce them. I like to have a legit business though but I am not sure why because it just causes more grief. The main thing you have to worry about is like a licensed irrigator seeing you do this and then get mad and turn you in. I do know of a case where my buddy was fined 500 bucks for not putting his license number on a add he put on something where it was a donation type paper for a school year book.

I just like to be legit because it would be wrong for me to gripe about Joe Blow who is not.

I will give you another example of a Texas law that many probably do not know.

If you are the end seller of plants then you need a Texas Nursery and Floral certificate. What this means is if you do installs, say shrubs and annual color, and go buy these are have them delivered to you - plant them and charge for plants and install then you need one. These are 75 bucks a year for what I do, and to be honest with you, since I have not been doing many installs and money is kind of tight, mine is expired.
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