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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Charles Odell, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Charles Odell

    Charles Odell LawnSite Member
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    down in commercial landscaping Titled Workforce in Jeporady ?:laugh:
    Personally I hope they do away with H2b Fewer lawncare workers
    in the industry will make the market better over all for
    AMERICAN LCO!!!:usflag: With out this Brickman; Valley Crest
    and other's like them would be forced to pay higher wages
    to obtain AMERICAN workers thus have to charge more for
    their services. Any opioins?
  2. mulcahy mowing

    mulcahy mowing LawnSite Senior Member
    from ma
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    I can see both sides of this it would be good for me i guess, get rid of the big guy. But when I get bigger what will I do? Could be good or bad wont know until affter it is passed.
  3. wmsland

    wmsland LawnSite Member
    from NE OHIO
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    I don't know what it's like in your area but the reason we have so many H2B workers around here is because the American workers don't want the jobs. Summer help is almost impossible to find especially in the landscape industry. Kids say it's too hot or dirty or heaven forbid they might have to actually work hard. It's not about wages.
  4. mak2

    mak2 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Mexicans leave we will have inflation like never before. Be careful what you pray for.
  5. Thirdpete

    Thirdpete LawnSite Member
    from Chicago
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    for the most part, these workers aren't taking the jobs of hard working americans. apathetic americans who think they are overqualified are handing the jobs to them. in our industry in particular, where labor is 90% of the battle, these guys are a value to us.
  6. LawnScenes

    LawnScenes LawnSite Member
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    Saw it... Read it... Waiting for the wall I've heard the ups in DC talking about to be put up next. I hear how these guys are an "asset" to some businesses here. And I know MD will talk up the "quality" of his H2B people. How they can help you with your labor problems, how much they want to work, how hard they work... etc... But personally. After 4 years I haven't used anyone besides white or blacks guys. And I haven't had a problem at all... That's by choice. I can go up the street and pick up as many latin heritage guys I need. For 100 bucks a day (that cracks me up they've been spoiled enough by the jacky's to demand this much). But I don't. Why? Cause 80% of the time when bidding jobs I'm asked if I use latin labor and I'm informed they would prefer if I didn't for their job. I've even landed jobs that I was way low balled on because of the low ballers using latin labor. There's enough of these guys living here... Getting fat pockets and then going back to wherever to retire at a young age. Can I blame them for that? Nope... Do I help them with it. Never. Unless it means frequenting my favorite mexican restaurant here in town. :)

    I read on another thread that MD posted in about how most of the H2B people don't get drivers license... Legally they may not.. But they still get them. I watched not even 4 months ago as 6 of them got their fake drivers licenses taken by DMV personnel and police and carted off to the station. It started with a female with a fake one who was trying to purchase plates and tags for a car she bought. By the time the cops arrived and questioned the others the whole car full of them had fake drivers licenses. Best time I ever had in a DMV.

    I'll feel sorry for the guys that get screwed if they crack down on the immigration laws. But not enough to lose any sleep. Will I feel sorry for the national landscaping and lawn maintenance chains getting screwed? Not even slightly.

    I really can't understand why anyone would hire or entrust their business to someone who could rob you blind, shoot ya, or god knows what else, then vanish like they never even existed. I mean how can you call the police or your insurance company to report something as stolen when you illegally employed someone? I live in a little town... And read in the news paper the other day about how latin gangs in this area are becoming a very dangerous threat. There's people here that probably don't even know what latin means. lol. It's that small. I've also enjoyed a few stories from fellow business owners about how their 100 bucks a day guys vanished one day. And how all their tools and power equipment went with them. Of course Americans can do the same thing to you. But they can also work just as hard if you take care of them. That's the key to good help I think so many here with problems often overlook. If you take care of all of your employees. They'll more than likely take care of you.

    And please guys that are all for the H2B guys... Don't play the "America was built upon immigrants" card... You're right. It was... Many years ago. Todays illegal immigrants are a whole nother world compared to what happened when America was populating. There's not even a slight comparison.
  7. wanabe

    wanabe LawnSite Senior Member
    from So. IL
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    I am so tired of hearing "American workers don't want the jobs". How about paying some GOOD wages, insurance and retirement? It is not that they do not want your job, it's your cheep wages that keep them away! Just look at all the businesses that pay good. They never seem to have a problem finding enough good workers.
  8. mak2

    mak2 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Does anyone who wants the mexicans to leave know what inflation is? Where to you think the money comes from to pay these higher wages? Prices go up. All prices. That includes when you go to lunch. Resturants will never replace all the help. and every other service buisness in the country will have to follow suit. Geeeze. It might be good for our buisness if all the illegal immagrants left, but I dont think it would be good for the country. Why else would they be here?
  9. dsmrolla06

    dsmrolla06 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wage is a very small portion of employee happiness. Paying your employee more isnt going to make him work harder, period. I think hispanics do work harder than the average american. Americans have been brought up with laziness, and think they should get paid good while not working hard. What kind of businesses are you talking about here? One of every businesses toughest challenges is to find good employees. I want you to try and back up your statement on businesses that pay good never have a problem finding good workers...
  10. LawnScenes

    LawnScenes LawnSite Member
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    Well said... I think a big part of it is exactly that. Pay them decent. Spend a little extra money and offer insurance. Supply them with uniforms... Buy them lunch... Give them the day off with pay every once in a while because they've been working hard. Paying them a little bit of money and expecting them to do lots of hard work is not going to keep anyone around. I mean would you stick around under those conditions? And if you're having trouble paying someone a bit more money then you're not charging enough. lol.

    I do lots for the people that work for me. Be it family, friend, or stranger. From paid fishing trips, supplying them with ice and drinks everyday, giving them a small advance cause something came up, to Friday evening or weekend cook outs for them and their families and friend's. It's not nearly as hard to find someone when people WANT to work for you. A little goes a long way most of the time. Any employer that doesn't contribute to his/her employees isn't going to keep them happy or around very long.

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