You have a meeting with customer that is worth 10k what do you say?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cod8825, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. cod8825

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    The title is pretty much the question for the pros please. I have posted questions relating to this topic. I am doing bidding for the business and I am not an expert by any mean on the finer points to prospecting for new clients. I came from the insurance field and I did the winning and dinning approach. Sit down with customer find out what they want and give that to them. The clients that I am going after will probably have 50 or so LCO's submitting a bid how do I differniate us from the competition.

    What do you say to the manager to make them go WOW I think they might do a great job on our property. I am going to try the idea someone suggested the five year improvement plan. What do I say to get them to give me ideas on improving their property to do this and land the client.

    Thanks you guys are great for help!
  2. topsites

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    This has just been my experience as an owner, it is a whole different ballgame when compared to working as someone else's salesman. For one, I'm selling my own services and product, I have nobody but myself who backs me up with that, not like some 20-year old established company behind me is churning out this great stuff I can just sell.

    So first I have to do a good job, then my services sell themselves.
    Talk is cheap, if I sell talk then my work is cheap.

    If I sell Rolls Royces, it is not a problem.
    If I sell VW's, it is still not a problem.
    But if I make the car and I have to sell it, then first I have to make the car, then see about selling it.
    Better yet wait until someone asks, go make more in the meantime, and make them better.

    Only once I have made 1,000 cars in a row can I even dare dream of selling a car that I have not made yet.
    And only if I am 100% certain that I can turn out car 1,001 as good as the first 1,000.

    So, go cut 1,000 lawns, or hire someone to do it for you, either way.
    Really it's a minimum, I'd rather have 2 or 3 thousand underneath or behind me first.

    10,000 dollars, careful the bling blinds not the man.
  3. sheshovel

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    The only thing they will look at is the bottom line. They could really care less about anything else. The more complicated you make your bid the less attention they will give to it. Keep it simple and straightforward. Give them a price you can make money at and hope for the best.
    I have no idea what Topsites just posted either, don't feel bad if you do not understand him, this is normal.
  4. Midwest Lawn Services

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    I agree. Its all about the numbers in this game with the large accounts. Be straight forward, blunt, and professional. Talk a sweet game, and be prepared to play it! If you sell yourself as a pro, you had better be one! Word spreads fast in the LCO business, one trip on your own shoe lace and it could be hard getting back up.
  5. Stillwater

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    ask them what is it they want accomplished what their goals and expectations are. Then you with confidence simply state exactly how you are going to meet those goals and expectations in the most affordable efficient and unobtrusive way possible. Don't worry to much about the other bidders because you will be clearly communicating and outlining exactly why they should hire you and not the others. If you have references and proof of insurance bring them. What sheshovel said is somewhat true but not always their are the customers who don't care what it costs.
  6. bohiaa

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    just be yourself, give the man the price YOU can do the job for.

    if You get it,,,,then lets party, otherwise lets move on to other accounts.

    dont put all your eggs in one baskett......
  7. Fairway Land & Lawn

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    Advice doesn't get any better than that!!!!:clapping:
  8. cod8825

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    Thanks for the help so far. The 10K part was just throwing out a random figure for area that I work in. Also in Kansas City most 5 acre lots go for that around here. But good point thanks Eshskis that is great advice.
  9. lawnmaniac883

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    Price is all that they care about period. If you are willing to do what they want done cheapest then you will get the job.

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