You Have To Be Kidding

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rodfather, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. rodfather

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    Well I just got word I am being replaced on my 3rd largest residential property that I have been taking care of since 1996. Takes us 5 man hours using a 61" WB with velkve, a 61" Z, and a 72" Z. New outfit came in almost 40% below me and even lower than what I was charging way back in '96. On top of it all, they are giving a 3 year contract with no escalation for fuel increase, COL index, etc.

    Anyone want to venture what they are charging?
  2. razor1

    razor1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Typical :cry:

    This kind of thing happens all to often. Usually residential customers are fairly loyal. Did you raise prices lately?
  3. cward

    cward LawnSite Member
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    Is $165.00 per mow close? I hate to hear you lost the account. Did you get a reason from your client?
  4. DSIM

    DSIM LawnSite Senior Member
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    $25 an acre?
  5. cward

    cward LawnSite Member
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    No idea how many acres there is. I just looked at the time he was out there and the equipment he was using. Without knowing more about the property, it was just a guess. It might be wide open easy mowing or tons of crud to mow around. Who knows. I just threw a very loose guestimate out there to see. I'm sure Rodfather was pricing this very well and just got burned by an ignorant client and by someone who has no business mowing. I have made mistakes when bidding a job and unfortunately spent an entire season wondering what I was thinking about when I priced it. However, I wouldn't have been 40% lower than a "true" professional price.
  6. Budget

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    5 hrs. on 3 of my machines would be about $40 in just gas, plus trim, blow and labor.

    Sorry to hear about that.
    Do you know the co. that got the bid? Are they a big outfit?
  7. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Close, $150. BTW, it's a 11 acre estate valued around 2M.
  8. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yeah, in 1998 from $195 to $235...nothing since since they throw alot of referrals my way.
  9. meets1

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    Sorry to here about the loss. 40% - deal with that and ore once in a while in my area. Some people just don't know, don't care or are just plain stupid!
  10. barnard

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    I'll bet money ,marbles or chalk, They won't last the season at that price. Thats assinine. They were getting a really good deal from you.

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