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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pflasch, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. pflasch

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    Everyone tries very hard to get his / her business noticed!
    This idea is unique! While a lot of lawn businesses are buying larger and larger mowers... larger and larger trucks... and 20 - 24' trailers, this business is going the opposite way!

    Maybe he has something here! A Smartcar pulling a very small trailer with a battery operated mower inside... with a charging system on top of the trailer!

    He's differently not the cheapest @ $19.00 for the first 1000 sq feet!
    It looks like his max yard size that he'll cut is 5000 sq feet.

    People that are all about "green" will probably love this service!!

    Checkout his website at
    Complete pricing is there for his services!

  2. Richard Martin

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    That guy would starve to death here waiting for some sucker to pay those prices.
  3. Duekster

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    That is great. Not sure what he can carry in that trialer. Like the Solar Panels on the trailer. There are several companies around here like that too maybe less the smart car.

    I like his price structure. About $3.00 per 500 SF that I can see
  4. trooper8870

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    You would think he would starve to death, but I guarantee you there are a lot of people that will pay him just so they can say that even their .awncare provider is green. Go figure!!!
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Site says that car has a payload of 507 pounds and that includes the driver. 68 pounds of torque at 4500 rpms. How long will that car last pulling anything I think my Mower may have more torque then that.
  6. Richard Martin

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    These people here will burn anything that they can light on fire. Burn the trash, burn the lawn, burn the corn field. If it'll burn, they'll burn it. Being "green" won't get you anywhere here. In fact, they repulse the notion. They're very anti-everything. You gotta cut the grass to the dirt. If I see green then I'm not paying.
  7. blk90s13

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    The idiot for the idiots loooooool
  8. Groomer

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    so do the panels on the trailer power the mower or the car? lol. Wait. its a reel type old stlyle no gas push 12" mower. and he has a broom, and a pair of those old hand held spring loaded trimmers. cool.
  9. Penncare

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    I noticed a little interesting phrase from the website that states "the Mow Smart lawn care concept has evolved with the utilization of cordless electric mowers, trimmers and blowers in conjunction with traditional gas powered lawn mowing equipment." I wonder what is meant by IN CONJUNCTION WITH GAS POWERED EQUIPMENT. My guess is that if your lawn is much larger than a postage stamp they sub out to a guy with a big truck, big mowers, gas trimmers, gas blowers who they pay his usual rate and charge their usual rate. All I can say is that P.T. Barnum was so ahead of his time.

    My sister-in-law cuts her lawn, @8500 sq. feet, with a corded electric mower. The lawn looks good after her effort which gives her 3-4 hours of exercise to cut. I thought I would have a little fun one day when I was at her house with my equipment. Took less than 15 minutes from gate drop to gate rise. She was not impressed and said that my plan would add inches to her waist quickly. I do have to say the grass is working way better than any other program she has joined.
  10. blk90s13

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