You mis-priced a job. What next?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by crawdad, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Brendan Smith

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    just the stupid people.
  2. Splicer

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    Excuse me:confused: ??? WTF??? I and another said #1...If you couldn't figure out for yourself that your word SHOULD be your bond...does that make my answer any less than best???

    When you take on a new customer and give them a best explain at that time what the price you quoted includes...As a customer and you trying that crap with me I'll take care of your decision...your fired...another LCO is only a stones throw away...

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, this is my opinion (remember I am a rookie AND stupid).

    I say #1 also. My word is just that. I was mowing a yard today matter of fact that I am in the exact same situation. I was getting aggravated, but only for a second. You have to realize that YOU are the one that quoted the price, not the customer. You (I) made the mistake, learn from it, keep your word, adjust next year.

    On the other end of the spectrum: I had a customer that had a fenced in back yard. I had to push the entire rear. Quoted $55/cut. About mid-season, she had the fence removed. I lowered the price to $45/cut. Did I have to? No. Was I stupid to? Maybe. This is in a Million+ neighborhood, so she could afford it. Does that matter to me? Nope. I do what I think is fair to me and the customer. That way, no regrets (to me).
  4. topsites

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    Same here, because my reasoning is:
    1) Chalks up a ton of experience, education is not free and this is the price we must sometimes pay.
    2) You win some, you lose some.
    3) A deal is a deal.

    The only way I would not show up is if I felt I was tricked into giving the too low price.

    As far as quoting a higher price, that won't fly with me but I have been known to raise the price by $5 mid-season, just kinda slip it in there, it's still too low but it does help... Still, it's a tricky gamble. I have also been upfront about it, finish the job and come time to get paid, just let it out, let them know I made a mistake, sometimes it works.
  5. topsites

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    You know that brings up an excellent point as well, it has been some time since I practiced what you preach, but underbidding forces you to become leaner and meaner, and if you can figure out how to still make a profit at the new low price, you got yourself an edge that is hard to beat.

    Far as dull blades, that really don't bother me but so much...
    Way I look at it: Let them get dull, sharp ones go on every day, and this is the reason why.

    Try and remember the trouble spots and feel free to throw or move certain rocks out of the way (if feasible). Trust me, I got a few yards worthy of mountaingoats lol, it takes 2-3 cuts until I'm used to it, then all of a sudden like was quoted, it becomes peachy and I'm making out decent.

    p.s.: I have been known to schedule the tougher yards later in the day and my class-A lawns early on, but still sharp blades daily and don't do the scheduling trick too much, let everyone get sharp blades first cut I always say.
    p.s.s.: A light-weight fixed deck Wb really makes a difference when you're constantly having to lift the deck, as does having two mowers (an older and a newer one heheh).
  6. crawdad

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    I'd be fired if I was mowing for you? You'd expect me to mow at a loss, even though I told you, before the first mow, the price may change after a mow or two?
    In that case, I'd be glad to be "fired" and lose a PITA.
    This is a business to me, not a hobby.
  7. Randy J

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    I think the point is, if you told them the price may be adjusted after the first mow, then I would agree it's ok to raise the price. However, if I gave them the price, with no mention of adjustment (verbal contract), then I gave them my word and I believe in living up to it.
    FIRESCOOBY, you probably will gain several more customers from treating that one so fair. Of course you may not, but that's not the point - you feel good about yourself because you treated the customer fair.
  8. daveintoledo

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  9. Splicer

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    Then start acting like a business man...In your initial post you say NOTHING...about the price being one that may change after the first cut...If you want to act like a business...then you should know how to bid a property...Believe me...I would be glad to be rid of you...You NON-businessman...:hammerhead:
  10. stumpjumper

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    Well this IS new, Dave[the kinder gentler one]and I are in complete agreement on this one. By the way Crawdad were the rocks invisible when you walked the property.

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