you paid them how much for 89,000 sf.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Schlepie, Jun 19, 2001.

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    I was called by a customer whose shrubs I trimmed yesterday. Her yard person hadn't shown up and the grass was at least 6" high or more. She has about 88,000 sf of grass to mow. The property is riverfront and on a slight incline. Parts have a serious incline. She called to tell me her mower person and helper showed up today to mow. Helper did bottom half and he did the top half. She said they left for a while and came back later to get his money and told her they just had too many accounts and could not continue her yard. He couldn't take on any large accounts. She wants me to give her a bid and I asked her bluntly what the other guys were charging her. She said "well they have mowed my yard for 3 years now, every 2 weeks during the season and I paid them $75.00". Is there something wrong with this picture or should I slap myself for even wanting to give a bid and move along.
    I have a price of about $200 in mind including trim and cleanup.
    Anyone else?
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    Tell the reason he left was that he probably finally figured out that he was not making money on the property. I would just give her the bid..but I wouldn't expect her to accept it...obviously.

    Hey your in New Braunfels...COOL..
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    Several years ago I mowed a property for $25.00 I was buying a new mower and thought it would go fast. Turned out to be a HUGE loser. It took me forever to mow but I stuck with it. The next year they dropped me after I raised my price. I do other lawns in that neighborhood and last month they called and wanted me to give a bid. After re-walking the property I told them to "sit down as I didn't want to cause a heart attack...I have raised my prices since I last mowed for you:)"

    I gave them a seriously higher bid, one that made it very worth my time and I figured there was no way they would go for it. They did and now we are both happy.

    Do not try to get this lawn based on coming close to former cutters price. Do your own bid, maybe even raise it a little and submit. They may never go for it OR they might. Use this as the opportunity that it is. Really no down side for you. Roll the dice:)
  4. KirbysLawn

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    Well, $35 an acre may not be bad if mowed weekly and is maintained. Only you know that, but it would be weekly, not bi-weekly.
  5. awm

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    125. if not for the incline an bath waiting at the bottum.
    that kicks it to about two for me two.
  6. CMerLand

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    I love new clients that call for estimates like this. I'll ask them why they are getting rid of their last lawn service and they will say something like, "Oh they never show up regularly, dont weedeat around everything, and forget to blow off my back patio, and they never return my phone calls. So can you cut my lawn for what I was paying them."

    After I giggle to myself, I say sure, "But to do it that price I'll never show up regularly, not weedeat everything, forget to blow off the back patio and never return your phone calls."

    Usually they will get the point, and understand why our price will be higher then the last guys and then we just have to prove it to them with good service.

  7. gogetter

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    Wow!! I think I'll stick to my 5-6K sq.ft. lawns for $30 a pop.
    $35 an acre? Is that really a going rate in your area?
    If there's any guys here from the eastern PA. area, please tell me that's not the going rate around here! I was thinking I'd like to get some larger lawns next season, but not if that's what they're paying.
    Kirby, how long would it take you to do an acre lawn (assuming few obstacles)?
  8. JLC

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    The price really depends on the property and the equipment you use. If it is pretty straight forward average trimming, smooth lawn, accessible to a 60 inch mower, 89,000 square feet could be done quite fast. However if a 48 walk is all that is available it will take longer, thus a higher price. It comes down to time spent. Time spent will be different for different pieces of equipment.
  9. KirbysLawn

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    It all depends on the lawn. I usually get $40 for half acre lawns, I do 2 larger lawns that are just under 2 acres each and I get $75 a mow. If the lawn is open and has little trimming I should be done in an hour.

    I did a post a while back about a guy here mowing 2 lawns, one was 10 acres and the other 7 acres, for $10 and acre, some here thought that was a good price.:confused: I guess it all depends on how fast it can be done.
  10. CMerLand

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    Not to pick on you but in your reply, you stated that with a "48 inch mower it will take longer, thus a higher price".

    My question to you is WHY with a ztr should the price not be just as high? This thought process is the biggest impediment to prices increasing for lawn mowing services over the 15 years Ive been doing it.

    Yes, ZTRs are faster I know, I have one Walker and about to buy a Toro Z. But they cost two to three times as much to buy, operating costs are higher per hour, maintenance costs and parts are higher then the few things that can go down on a walkbehind. On top of that you generally have your best guy operating it which increases the cost per hour to run it.

    Why give your investment money in this ZTR back to your customer as an artificial price discount? Most guys go from a walkbehind to a ZTR and dont think of lowering their price for existing customers, however when they go out and bid new work knowing how quick they can work with the ZTR they lower their prices without even realizing it. So over time they will have clients with 5-10k lawns paying $ 25 or $ 30.00 per cut (the cuts they started with) and 25-30k lawns charging $40.00 or maybe $45.00 per cut.

    Im not saying that you should be charging 3 to 5 times more for the cut but dont give your investment dollars away. Nothing will make you see my point faster then the time your ZTR goes down for a week and you have to go back to cutting your route with all walkbehinds again. Your original lawns your still making your 30 bucks an hour, but those larger lawns your lucky if your earning half that.

    GoGetter, keep on doing those 5-6 k lawns they are by far our most profitable lawns to cut as you can bang them out in 20 minutes and have three of them done earning you 90 bucks per hour. Bigger properties dont always translate to more dollars per minute cutting.

    Anyone want to disagree with me???


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