You raked up the leaves!!??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by desert rose gardening, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Me and my girlfriend just got back from Indiana visiting my brother and his wife, we got to stay at his in-laws lake house for two nights, so for a thank you for letting us stay at this beautiful lake house for free for two nights I would surprise them and do a leaf clean up for for them. After all thats what I here you guys talk about this time of year. We live and work in San Diego so we don't do leaf clean-ups. I can't find a rake on there property "should of been my first sign" so I go buy a 32 inch rake a box of bags and a few hours later I got this big pile of bags stuffed with leaves. I pat my self on the back and say good job! they will appreciate this! So I call my brother, Hey Dave I raked up all the leave for them, where should I put all these bags? He go's they don't rake the leaves... I go what they Don't rake the leaves!? What do you mean I thought everybody rakes up the leaves out here! He go's they don't and they never have. I say well now they have 10 giant bags of leaves in their front yard, they do have a truck don't they, then they can take the bags to their city house and the trash man can take the bags, No they don't have a truck! My brother says bring to my house and I'll put them out for my trash man. I go Dave I'm in a rental car! and you live two hours away! I say should I tear open the bags and spread the leaves all over the yard again! Jezz! So I crammed two bags in the rental car and left the other bags there. I wonder if we will get invited back to the lake house again!
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    LMAO :D :D :D That is just too darn funny.
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    LOL, oh man! That's too funny!!!

    Good job though!'s the thought that counts! Not the 8 bags that you left there!!! :laugh: :laugh:

    Should have waited till nightfall and dispersed them around the neighbors houses.
  4. DBL

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    thats too funny...would have been better if you would have had to spread them back out
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    LMAO:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I would've dropped a match.

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