"you see this, it's written in red, it's a DUE DATE"

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bobbygedd, May 6, 2006.

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    so, i'm mowing one of my lawns yesterday, and the neighbor is waving me over. i mosey on over, "yea, whatta u want?" he wants mowing. nothing else, just mowing. i say, "$120 a month, cept for the months that have 5 weeks, they are $150." he goes ,"great , how do i pay you?" all i had with me was a work order. so, i fill it out, and hand it to him and explain, "you sign right here authorizing the work. and you see this area in red? this says DUE DATE , it's not a SUGGESTED due date, or an APPROXIMATE due date, it's a real due date. if you do nothing else, for the rest of your life, you still MUST pay the bill before the due date. copeesh?" he looks at me, bewildered, and i thought he was gonna tell me to go screw myself (big biker type) , but instead, he looks at me and says, "hey, man, i don't want no trouble with you, let me run inside and grab you a check, for the next TWO months, in advance." i said, "i'll wait right here." i hope you boys learned something
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    You go Bobby.

    Buy yourself something special.

    I like the way you said "Not a suggested Due Date". This says DUE DATE , it's not a SUGGESTED due date, or an APPROXIMATE due date, it's a real due date.

    Wish I had the gonads you do. Well maybe not.
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    I have two regular customers that for whatever reason think the due date doesnt matter this year.It is quite annoying especially when its a laarger amount of money. One is over 15 days late, i was supposed to be spreading some mulch for them but stopped all work until i see a check.
  4. bobbygedd

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    yup, late payers screw up your finances, AND YOUR SCHEDULE. if i'm scheduled to do extra work at a client on wednesday, and thier maint fees are late, now i have to change the schedule cus i aint letting them get into me for $800, when they can't even pay thier $150 maint fee on time
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  6. Ol'time Lawncare

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    Good deal!!! he may be a good client.
  7. DynaMow

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    I have learned that even big biker type are afraid of a little man with a shovel
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    I think I finally figured you out Bobby. Your actually a wimp with your customers. Your so scarred of loosing your $25 yard jobs you hardly even talk to them so you post on this site acting like a take charge business man to relieve your frustration of not being able to ask them for $26 a yard. Go back to selling hot dogs. :laugh: :laugh:
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    Why does everyone have a problem with people trying to enforce a due date? Doesnt make any sence.
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    You might as well pay for all the hamburgers your gonna eat this year at Mcdonalds up front.
    Just send them a check now!

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