You solo guys and odd jobs


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I 've always wanted to know what others think,I call odd jobs(pruning, weeding mulching and so on)When you are a one man show do you dedicate a day each week in the growing season and do lawns the rest Or try and do the jobs when you are there for the lawn.I like to fly on the lawns tues to fri and save mon for odd jobs. what do ya think what do you do ?I find you have to offer the other sevices to keep others off you turf. I've picked up cutomers for this reason THE OTHER GUY ONLY CUTS THE LAWN.The way I look at it is everything or nothing.:eek:


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I think it's a good idea too. Each week you could do part of your route on a rotating basis. If the customer sees you there 2x in one week w/o and additional charge, they'll think they're getting something for nothing. I totally agree with sticking to cutting only on a particular day. Whenever I try to something else just because I happen to be at a particular account, I find it breaks my rhythm.


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I always save the odd jobs for a particular day. Mainly because I use different equipment and trailer for these jobs. I typically mow Mon - Thurs and save Friday and Saturday for the odd jobs.


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Monday through Friday strickly mowing. Saturday is my day to do hedge trimming, landscapeing, sod, mulch etc. I schedule each of these tasks in advance so the customer knows when they can expect it done.

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Monday is for odd jobs - bark, prune, clean up, transplant, power wash, gutters, landscape and on and on...Tuesday through Friday - mow. Saturday is for golf and Sunday will be for fishing.


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Thats just how I do it. I mow Tuesday-Friday.
Mondays- Extra or odd jobs of all types.
Equiptment maintenance.
Home repair.
Or just take the day off, shopping, go to the movies.
This has worked great for me, and when those three day holiday weekends come around I'm all set.:)


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Depends on the size of prop. If its real big I just plan on doing so much time on odd jobs, so much time on lawn. On the small ones I do odd jobs on sat. I try to only work two Saturdays a month but work more in the spring and fall.


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In addition to weekends, as the days get longer I try to schedule some of the side work for evenings.
I have a couple of helpers eager for the extra cash, but they are only available after 4 p.m.

They generally meet me on the job site and get at least 2-3 hours in. A three man crew can get quite a bit done with 6-9 man-hours.
We even have lights and a small generator if needed.
Customers seem to appreciate the extra work ethic and the fact that we've made time for them in our busy schedule.

Last season, over half my total revenue came from side work.


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