You think gas prices are high now

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Charles

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    Just waite.Looks like we are going to have some kinda of war in the middle east. And as usual the arab world is blaming the US. Of course we back our friends in Isreal. but we don't really need ANY trouble in oil country. Syria has to protect lebanon and isreal is lining up to tanks to invade that country

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  2. RYAN

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    NUKE UM!
  3. MOW ED

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    Just imagine the nice stripes on the lawn from using zero turn push reel mowers.
    There would be plenty of work for everyone.
  4. mdb landscaping

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    i currently work at two mobil stations that my father owns on the side when im not landscaping. the word has been that gas is going to go up, but recently we are dropping prices and since Clinton opened up the oil reserves then the price is expected to fall during the winter. Diesel again is expected to raise due to its expensive additives. Gas is not supposed to go as high as last year, but natural gas is expected to go through the roof.
  5. The price of crude oil futures just went up by $1.60 a barrel the last two days on the NY exchange.
  6. Twotoros

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    I heard a month or so back that the av. price will be 2.50 and rising by early spring. That means the lows around 2.00and the highes 3.00!!
  7. powerreel

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    Gas will price levels that the rest of the world already knows. Unless, we as The United States Of America, use our technical know how and find an alternative source of energy. There are many in experimental stages, cost effectiveness has subdued many forms. Now as the cost of gas rises alternative sources become more attractive- supply and demand. Do we really want to be reliant on the arabs for crude? Not me. Tell the saudias to grow some grass in their sand and and mow it!
  8. Charles

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    My prognosis was correct. Oil prices hit record highs today. US ship bombed by terrorist. Isreal is bombing terrorist for the mob murder of 2 soldiers while they were in jail. All this will effect our businesses at the gas pumps.Nothing we can do about it I guess. I wish the would get the ben ladin terrorist guy maybe responsible for the bombing
  9. eggy

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    We are getting together a swat team here, and are heding over to the middle east to shoplift some fuel to stock up, its a seceret mission, and carry skid tanks with 550 gallons of fuel will be rough, be we trained ,and are ready,but really, we can not do anything but pay it so??? I dont think it will stop weekend vactions for me etc, Its kinda like saying i rmeber when a pop cost 25 cents,yes it did ...but it doesnt now...I remeber when the house i am in was worth next to nothing but now its worth a mint, things go up and down we (as dave matthews says) Ants marching, so cut that grass and live for the day and have fun with your faimly and freinds!!!! (ok maybe I have gotten off track) but anyway ,....
  10. Richard Martin

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    Oil prices are over $37.00 barrel (40 U.S. gallons in a barrel) this morning 10-13-00. That's $.925 a gallon for crude and rising. Add cost of refining, oil company profit, pipeline company profit, tank farm owner profit, trucking company profit, service station owner profit, federal taxes, state taxes and local taxes... Well, you get my point.

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