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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by otis, Dec 22, 2008.

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    After 12 years in the same location, I know close to what we will sell every year, and was looking forward to a smooth year, ( we scaled back due to the economy) only to find 3 other lots within one half a mile, and a lot 20 miles away that gave away ( yes for free) 3400 doug firs, from the start of the season. The news media thought it was very touching, and gave him much coverage. Oh well, scale back again next year and hope for the best.
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    Keep scaling back and eventually you won't exist.
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    I think the cut tree business is a tough one. more and more folks are going artificial, and you may have to adapt to survive. Think real hard about your competition, and what they do poorly and what they do well. for you to succeed in the face of competition, you need to be doing more.


    free apple cider/hot cocoa ( and yeah, it's got to taste the best ).

    more c-9 lights strung high on cheap pvc pipe poles.

    better signage directing folks to your lot. Think about purchasing a few hundred or so 18x24 yard signs on the internet to spread around town every few days. you need a short name for your lot so it stands out- "Otis trees" or whatever, but 2 words that brand you.

    start planning your marketing plan now for next year. craft a press release detailing your trees to the newspaper and descibe each type of tree you sell and the advantages of each. How to look for a good tree. what to do when you take it home, watering , etc. Present yourself as the local experienced Christmas tree expert who owns a Christmas tree business. The name of your lot should be somewhere in the article, and that is when your signs around town come into play.

    If you spend 2 years branding yourself as the expert and the best place, and the name is short and "rememberable", it will stick. "Otis Trees" will be the place that folks that want the best tree will go.
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