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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cst51, May 24, 2001.

  1. cst51

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    I got a call last night to give a bid to a homwowners association to cut pulic areas in the neighborhood. The total square footage was 330.000 sq. feet. Flat, with one sidewalk and a playground to trim around. A few small trees. I figured up it was approximately 7.5 acres. I gave him the price of 340.00 per cut. The guy was a littled shocked at the price. He wanted to know if that was per cut. I told him yes. He is a very nice guy so we got talking. He ended up telling me that the company currently doing the cutting was doing it for 65.00 dollars. He was looking for someone else because the homeowners assoc. thought they were cutting it when it didn't need cutting. I could hardly believe this. I questioned him and we went to the see the president of the association. She came to the door and she confirmed that the current company was doing it for 65.00 dollars. This is the sh!! that kills the rest of us. There are 3-4 mexicans (nothing against this group) that is cutting it. They have nice equipment. I have seen them before while I was cutting a lawn I have in the neighborhood. $65.00 for 7.5 acres!!!!!! This is assenine!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How the hell can you compete with that!? Gee-zussss!
  3. cst51

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    That was my EXACT words!!
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    Reminds me of a bid I gave last week. 15 acres w/ large house and large pond. It had a whole lot of trimming (a whole lot!) Lot of edging, and a few hills. the guy said he could the 2 large pastures an wanted me to cut the rest. I figured 10 highly difficult acres to actually cut. I said $475. They said that was too muc. The person they had cutting was cutting for $220!!! She said it was a 3 man crew and they took 4 hours to do it!!!! and they didn't even do that great a job!!! I'm not upset, they can charge whatever they wish. I'm just shocked!!!
  5. geogunn

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    CST--it is a shame that you wasted valuable time on these people.

    hang in there.

  6. David Gretzmier

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    On these large open properties, I can't help but wonder if a used range wing, or used toro 580 d or similar would make the $ 220 price profitable. I've heard estimates on the 16ft cut models of 18 acres per hour. I saw one in the equipment trader for $7500, let's say you go do the property and mow all the open areas in 45 minutes, trim out with a dixie chopper for 15 minutes, and two guys weedeating and blowing for an hour. with appropriate use of roundup, I 'll bet that property could be mowed in an hour, maybe 1 and 1/2 . at 150-200 per hour, I think I could live with that. I think the key to beating some of these insane lowballs is to get equipment that no one else has, and use roundup or growth regulator to cut weed trimming by 2/3 to 3/4. Just a thought. Dave g
  7. Keith

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    Its a homeowners association...they did you a favor ;)
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    Amen Keith. From what I hear the are the slowest payors.
  9. Keith

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    Yeah, between that an the politics of the HOA, I choose to stay away from as much as possible. Nothing like having 90% of the homeowners satisfied and 10% that just happen to be board members trying to give the job to their friends.

    Our Most Recent Experience

    A customer asks us if we ever bid on his subdivision. A quick "no" we thought would end the discussion. It didn't, he insisted we submit a bid with the newer board members. We went from "no way" to getting all the specs on the property and to the point we were gonna bid this damn thing. Last step was to talk to the VP. His attitude was very different from the others. His first question was "You know who has it now, don't you?" Giving the slightest hints that we would never get the job, he said 'Mr. XXXXXX' still has the job. Oh? The former HOA President still has the job? Classic. He has had it for the last 8 years, why would things change now. Just because he resigned his post on the HOA, no reason he still can't win the bid every year :rolleyes:
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    They forgot to convert the peso amount into dollar amount!!!

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