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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clallen03, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. WJW Lawn

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    Someone said that Cops will arrest you for buying stolen equipment. Well, I think that applies to --"KNOWINGLY" buying stolen goods. lol UNKNOWINGLY wouldnt exactly And unless the guy said "Heres a stolen pack" or he actually witnessed the guy stealing it....Id say he got a hell of a deal.
  2. Banned
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    I don't and won't buy anything stolen. But I do download music ...
  3. jacob land and

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    i want my blower back i can prove it was mine, so just give it back
  4. rookiemower

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    ever here of karma its a b*tch
  5. pgiambat

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    Take it to your truck, write down the serial # while you call the cops then lock it in your truck till they get there. Use trimmer to defend yourself from the hopping mad dude now wondering what the hell you're doing.
  6. davhul

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    If you post the serial # I can look it up at stihl eservice and tell you who the registerd owner is. If ever registered
  7. mpflood

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    Crack Cane
  8. Sandgropher

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    Steve you are missing the point in this case, we do not know if it was stolen, people need money fast and some times they sell things cheap, we cant dial 911 every time some one offers to sell you some thing cheap, the police takes ages to get there any way and the guy will be gone by the time they come and if it turns violent he may bopp you on the nose and grab it back.

    .........And lets forget this stuff about getting into trouble buying some thing cheap, as soon as you get it ring your local police station and cover yourself, tell them you have been approached by some one and you brought some equip that was well below market value and give them the serial no to check, if theres a problem you have all the sellers details and the item.

    I beleive if you do things this way there will be no problems, the problems arise when you take it home and start useing it and the owner sees you and calls the cops or whatever.

    Steve your way may work if you know some thing stolen but what if theres question marks ?? you would be wasteing police time, the sellers and your own, looking in todays paper theres stuff cheap quick ring 911.

    I beleive you were offered a cheap shindy 270 Steve, brand new still in the box ?? less than half the price you would pay around here, did you dial 911 ??
    no you started a thread on LS asking if its a good deal.....its a steal at that price :laugh: :laugh: i hope its going well for you :)
  9. Dashunde

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    Bad Karma coming your way bro...
  10. jazak

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    Actually around here they can. Called Possesion of Stolen Property. Cops around here are a bunch of PITAs. Nevr busting all crack dealers down in Dover but sure give out ALOT of tickets or harassing people for no reason.:hammerhead: :hammerhead: Bunch a newbies think they're the bomb, the older guys where better.

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