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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by paxdog, Dec 2, 2003.

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    I was at a customers house today cutting back monkey grass and cleaning out beds, when a guy (never seen him before) two houses down got my attention. He was doing a leaf removal job. Now keep in mind I've been in this neighborhood for about 5 years. $200,000-300,000 homes. I have 9 houses here and have come into contact with a lot of the other lco's, most of whom are legit and keep prices where they need to be. Now the guy (not the homeowner) did not have a truck or trailer. I'm assuming it was his car parked at the back of the driveway. He was using a backpack blower, rake, and a tarp. This guy calls over to me and asked me if he could BORROW MY MOWER so he could blow all the leaves in this yard into a pile. This question kind of caught me off guard, but I told him my mower wouldn't blow leaves anywhere because I had the mulch kit on. This guy didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about, but he was acting very bothered by the fact that I wouldn't let him borrow my $8500 mower. He said "What did you say that thang does". I knew by now that this dude was a freaking idiot. I told him "It mulches leaves, it doesn't blow them" then turned my back and started working so he wouldn't talk to me anymore. About 15 minutes later he cranked up the homeowners mower and started going around in circles blowing leaves to the middle of the yard. I truly do not understand how a homeowner in this neighborhood could hire a guy that doesn't even have his own equipment, when there are several good lco's there every week. There's no telling what he was charging for that job, but I'm sure it wasn't enough.
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    We all wish the video camers was rolling for this guy! What a complete yahoo.Should've of told him yes a kept him waiting and laugh your butt off.What nerve!!!!!!:gunsfirin :help:
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    A mulching deck doesn't blow out the leaves, holy s***! I need help

  4. tiedeman

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    probably the homeowner wanted to try to save some money.
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    I'd say that's pretty ballsy to ask to use your mower. And pretty pathetic to not even know what "mulching" means.

    But let me ask you this. What if someone asked to borrow a blower (handheld in this case) just for a minute? Would you let them?

    I was doing a shrub/hedge trimming job. A one time job that I got from an ad I ran in the paper. Not my normal neighborhood, and no intention of taking on mowing accounts there as it's too far for that.

    I forgot to load my bp blower. There was a guy working across the street (kinda scrubbish operation). I asked if I could borrow his blower for 2 minutes to clear off the walkway. He said no, he didn't have time.

    I thought this was pretty lame. I would have let someone use mine for 2 lousy minutes. Not a mower to do a whole lawn, but a blower for 2 minutes, come on.
    And I'm the kind of guy that would go out of my way to return that favor to him. But now I will go out of my way to stick it to him if I get the chance.
  6. Doster's L & L

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    Someone with a home worth over $200K can pull out the change from beween the cushions of their couch to pay for their leaves to be removed. They don't save money. They flaunt it!!
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    Similar thing happened here a couple years ago. Private, gated community, houses range from 400k-1M+.We are there doing some topiary and juniper shaping maintenance, and in drives some dude in a beater Pontiac Grand Am with a push mower and curved shaft weedeater in the trunk. LMAO watching him drag that mower outta the trunk to cut a 20,000sqft front yard.We were done with the maint. on 75+ shrubs/trees before he finished the front yard.BTW-The homeowner is a wealthy business owner, go figure...:D
  8. olderthandirt

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    Its the wealthy ones that are the tightest with the $$$$$. I would much rather work for a guy that can appreceate what hard work is rather than a pencil pusher, Dr. Esq, etc.

  9. olderthandirt

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    Thats a good ? I'm not to sure I would, I'm competing against you for X amount of $. Plus if you showed up with out one I might be thinking that your kinda scrubbish and probably say NO. lmo

  10. Richard Martin

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    Doster's L & L wrote:

    Someone with a home worth over $200K can pull out the change from beween the cushions of their couch to pay for their leaves to be removed. They don't save money. They flaunt it!!

    It never fails to amaze me by how cheaply houses can be bought in other places. $200k will hardly buy you a dog house here.

    In any case when someone asks to borrow my equipment I just tell them that my insurance prohibits it.

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