You wouldn't believe what the mailman said

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by michigangrass, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. michigangrass

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    After reading threads on flyers and mailboxes I decided to stop a mailman to ask about restriction for my area.

    You wouldn't believe what this guy said.

    He was pulling flyers left in mailboxes and taking them back to his supervisor. His supervisor called him in to discuss it and stated that they had received so many calls from irrate business owners regarding the removal of flyers that the Supervisor told the mailman not to remove any more flyers from that point on.

    He told me that I could actually leave the flyers anywhere on or in the box as long as it did not obstruct the opening and closing of the door.

    Sounds like a gamble but it came directly from the horses mouth.

    It's strange but it's a $1000 fine for this and business owner are actually calling the post office and admitting that their doing it.
  2. John Allin

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    Isn't that interesting....

    Although, I wonder if that works everywhere. Would seem to me that this is something that is enforced in some areas, overlooked in other area, and just ignored in yet another market....

    Don't know if I'd want to take the chance that I'm in the wrong market with that kind of fine attached....
  3. walker-talker

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    If the mailman that you spoke with don't mind you putting fliers in mailboxes just on his route, then I might do it. Hell, just slip him a fifty and have him do it...haha. Like John said, I bet this is just a rare situation. Personally myself, I would not do it. It's a federal law and could come back to bite you, should the homeowner want to press the issue.

  4. Soupy

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    My Mail Carrier told me that most Carriers won't say anything as long as you don't obstruct the opening of the mail box. They hate when the can't get the door open. She told me there was only two carriers you have to stay away from and incidentally one of them was my past Mail Carrier from my previous address. (now I know why no one advertised in my old neighborhood :) )

    I still check with the Carriers in the neighborhoods i'm targeting just to be sure. Even then I try to stay away from the mailbox. I only use the mailbox on corner lots were they have the driveway on the side of the house. I'm afraid they won't notice my flier on the front door if they never use it.
  5. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Fliers on US postal property is a **** shoot, which is exactly why I'm using door hangers.
  6. Gr grass n Hi tides

    Gr grass n Hi tides LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I did not realize a post could be edited for using the word that begins with "c" has "ra" in the middle & ends with "p". Didn't mean to offend!
  7. michigangrass

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    You have to keep in mind that for no reason do you want to provoke USPS.

    But even more important you don't want to anger a homeowner.

    Getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar never ends on a positive note.

    I know if I looked out and saw someone other than the mailman in my mailbox id be pissed.
  8. Albemarle Lawn

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    Magnetic business cards left on the front of metal mailboxes, which hopefully find their way to the refrigerator door.

    Only probs:

    1) Cost

    2) Plastic mailboxes.

  9. LawnPro in NC

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    Funny you should bring up the mailbox. I was previously a deputy sheriff and I arrested some guys 20-25 yoa for vandalising over 200 mailboxes. Had written statements the works. Contacted the postal inspector and they wanted nothing to do with it. An open and shut case. All they had to do was charge them and let me do the testifying. Most mail boxes that were vandalised had to be replaced including the pole. they were throwing rip rap sized rocks from a truck running 55 mph.

    but putting fliers on a mailbox may be a different stroy, but at least the mailman has somewhere to put themail.
  10. Mike Bradbury

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    I posted on a football website tonight and got bleeped for "pASS"!:rolleyes:

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