You'll Be Lucky If You Can Get 5,000

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Sean Adams, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Sean Adams

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    As many of you know I am always looking for companies who track stats and information about web sites. Right now there are probably at least 9-12 companies that we have monitoring for various different reasons - accessability, frequency, demographics, and a lot more.

    I found a company in a techie-business magazine that claimed they could track anything and everything about your site, how it is used, etc... I was intrigued so I contacted them. Spoke to a gentleman on the phone briefly and told him we were operating a forum for professionals in the lawn & landscape industry. He suddenly seemed to lose interest in the task at hand. He asked me to email him and he would respond with what he might be able to do.

    I emailed him the link (which he obviously did not look at) and asked what he thought. He replied instantly with the following:

    "Mr. Adams,

    Unfortunately we will not be able to work with your company. We prefer to work with sites that have a wide variety of people using the site, as well as with sites that have the ability to grow in many different directions. Being that your site is a forum, my best guess is you will not even be able to find 5,000 people to join your forum..."

    WELL, WELL, WELL.....

    In December we eclipsed the 25,000 member mark and should soon see 27,000 members at the site (26,503 as of early day 2/15/05)...and to add a cherry on top of Mr. Know Everything's prediction, PlowSite now has over 12.539 members of its own.


    Some interesting statistics about

    LawnSite ranks #1 overall in the lawn and landscape category on the internet based on traffic to the site, number of unique users on the site, amount of time spent by the users on the site, the number of links other sites have that lead to, and the site's availability in regard to the many different search engines. is one of the largest commercial industry sites in regard to a forum with number of members registered at the site and the number of users that visit the site (but never register).

    Aside from companies who market to homeowners (John Deere, Sears, Home Depot, TruGreen, etc...) reaches more of its target audience members on a daily basis than any other green industry site on the internet - not just forum sites, but all green industry related sites.

    LawnSite has had almost 1 3/4% of its users on line at one time several different times (almost 500 users with over 26,000 registered) which is an extremely high number for a commercial related forum. There are other sites that claim statistically they have had "X" number of members on the site at one time, but they are allowing their stat trackers to include "bots" that monitor sites for the search engines - not a real indication of actual people.

    (This is one of my favorites) is the 25,609 (USED TO BE 29,112) most popular web site on the entire internet - the entire internet! has "trust-ranking" of 10 out of a possible 10, which means in regard to problems reported about the site, complaints, etc...

    In February 2003 LawnSite had 7,890 members (give or take, I forget exact number), and today in around 2 years later has almost 27,000 members - one of the top 5 fastest "growth spurts" amongst commercial forums.

    And here is the last one....which I am not sure about because it was emailed to me as an extra note with some simplified math attached....supposedly there is more content at than an entire set of Encyclopedias.... crazy, huh?

    All of these cool stats are possible becasue of our members. We have to be one of, if not the coolest online community there is! I want to personally thank the members for finding, using, and coming back to LawnSite again and again. Your involvement is helping better this industry one business owner at a time!
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    I agree with the part "about of time spent by the users on the site".Keep up the good work before you know it you will have 30,000 members.It show how much hard work you put into running this site.

  3. Sean Adams

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    I appreciate the compliment. But I know very well that the members and the sponsors make this all possible. The members keep coming back for more and more to help and learn from one another and the sponsors make it possible due the expenses the site must deal with when it grows like this. The nice thing is our members are smart enough to know the sponsors play a big role and they support our sponsors very well - win/win all the way around!
  4. rodfather

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    I'd like to see 100K members...hopefully before they put me in a senior citizen's home LOL. Congrats Sean. :D
  5. Jason Rose

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    I too would like to say congrats on the great site. I don't wnat to name names, but I have visited a few other lawn care forums. I swear I saw a tumbleweed roll thru a question I posed on one site once. There is just nobody there. That's what I love about lawnsite. you can literally come twice a day and click on 'view new posts' and have dozens of threads to read that are new. I have been reading on here for a couple years at least, yeah I don't care to read the childish posts either and my opinions differ often about how things should be done right or wrong but I still read and learn what I can and even get entertained!
  6. olderthandirt

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    Congrats Sean! Now about a share of the profits, you can PM with the amount you will be sending. payup :D

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    Hey Sean, give us this Clown "companies" email address so that we can say "I beg your pardon!?".......27,000 times
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  9. Up North

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    You certainly got the last laugh in that deal.

    All I can tell you is that I have learned a ton about this business, and much of it came from here or Last season was my first in this business and with the help of this site and it's members we enjoyed a very successful year...surpassed our initial goals quite easily and fairly early in the season. IMO, without this site and the direction of some very respected members we probably wouldn't have the success we did. I'm aware that there are other sites out there, I have looked at them, even posted in a couple but they're not the same. Eventhough the banter can get out of hand sometimes, (I'm sure it happens on the other sites as well) that's to be expected as you're dealing with 25,000+ people and certainly understand you can't possibly control all of it (bantering). When I need information, direction, opinions, answers, or even help with something outside of lawn care and/or plowing I consider Lawnsite and Plowsite my home.

    Thanks Sean, and thank you to the members that have helped out. The guy that told you "you'll be lucky to find 5,000 members" doesn't know squat.

  10. vipermanz

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    I'm glad i can work with someone who has the potential to create true and lasting success

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