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young and growing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by olaf valle, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. olaf valle

    olaf valle LawnSite Member
    Messages: 95

    I'm just turn 21 been in business 2 years but been mowing here and there 2-5 every summer sense 13 with a push mower stared working at 18 full time for 2 years was making 30k per year but i hated i bought some nice equipment 36 wright stander 21 toro, stihl edger, blower,chain saw, and trimmer, and red max blower and line trimmer, long stihl trimmer, last year i had open trailer that i got for 400 bucks now enclosed, started with 1994 1500 chevy silverado ext cab now i have 1995 f50 with plow extra plow, 2008 silverado 3500 dump truck now all this have been bought over the years not at once planing to take classes in winter I want to get in to more hardscaping by next year thats where the money is at and to me is like art even i dont know how to isntall brick paver but i will any advise questions are welcome i service 42 clients and have lots of landscaping jobs for now, have a worker part time and by dad, bro,brother in law help out in weekend and i do pay them to its great next year i plan to service no more the 100 i passing out 20k 50k flyers and hired a guy full time and my dad also want to take out my mom from work she could help out planning flowers ect if she wants my parents are really in landscaping more my mom thats what makes her happy always planting some in the house i will post pics in my pic thread

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