Young buck Dilemma

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mowin4Dollas, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I do not have anything to add to the good advice others have offered above. Been thinking about this post since I read it this afternoon though. This is just a note of support to say I hope it all works out for you. Prioritize and work on the things at the top of your list.
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    Thanks guys for all the advice. Let me clarify, my parents aren't evil dictators. I love them to death. It just seems left and right they keep giving me unsolicited advice on what I am doing wrong. My father is a wonderful provider and i have a wonderful mother. I have never struggled for anything in my life. It's just this area we aren't seeing eye to eye on! Haha! I just felt like this needed to be said, because I don't want you all to get the impression I come from some terrible place.
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    ahh.... the good 'ol "parents doing you a favor" bit. I never had much of an issue with my parents, but when I first started doing this full time my grandfather was very, very bad about telling his 70+ year old friends that I could cut their 1/2+ acre lawns for$15/$20....

    Here's the problem. I was raised to honor, respect my elders (you sound similar) and I felt obliged that I had to do so. Honestly at the time I didn't know what my hourly cost of doing business was. I thought if I was bringing in money, I was making money... wrong. I had to have a sit down "man to man" conversation with my grandfather, grandmother, anyone else who was pricing my services for me.

    I had to get them to realize, this is what I'm doing for a living! This isn't just something to waste time or to occupy my time. Then finally I had to man up and tell each one of these $15/$20 clients, hey... I'm sorry my family priced this for you, but they don't know what is involved in my business. I'm legal, legit, have insurance, taxes, fuel, payments, etc... I will work with you, but I have to get at least $xx. Most of them were understanding, but there were a few who were still living with prices from the 70's thinking I should be out there with a reel mower doing it for $5 and a Coke.

    I have and still do have great parents and grandparents, but when it comes to business I'm the one who writes the checks and pays the bills. They don't. Not being rude, but when someone else has their name on the account I'll listen to them. You have to be loving, but firm.
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    Family can be either good or bad. To me it sounds like your dad doesn't realize your all grown up now. It certainly sounds like you need to sit down with your parents and talk to them(show them this thread) and tell them the problems they are creating. It's going to create temporary grief for everyone. Wait a week and then you'll know if you need to move out or not. Sometimes parents aren't ready for their babies to grow up and become adults. Good luck
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    Here is how you get around the friend and family pricing. Give them the phone number of two well know LSO in your area, let them get estimates for lawn services from them. Tell them you will try and beat their prices if you can. Only you know how long it will take to do the property, and how much it will cost to get there and finish the job.
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    I agree with White Gardens. Show your Dad your business and explain your pricing. Enlist his help in growing your business. He's obviously proud of you and trying to help. He may not know landscaping, but his years of experience in business are valuable.
    Good luck.
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    Guys thanks for everything. billpiper he really is.
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    First off let me say I love my parents too. I was in the same boat when I lived at home and my mom use to help me with the books. Huuuge mistake. The problem that happens is then you have to start telling your parents what to do and that doesent fly. With your underpayed lawns what will happen is that you will get a bunch and make good money, because your 17 and living at home. Then once you graduate you will see the cost of the business and be stuck and have to start over. You have to figue that your costing your business $15 a hour working ontop of your expenses. Your parents see this as good money but in reality your business is breaking even. I would tell your dad you will take care of the books and I'd decline working for friends and family unless its an odd job. I'm 22, moved out and my mom still lectures me on how to run my business when she has 0 experence in making a business run right. I sometimes ask my dad for advice because they ran a dairy farm. That's my $0.02
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    I realize most kids stay at their parents home until there 40 years old. But leaving home at 17 or 18 is not disrespectful and doesn't mean you don't love your parents.
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    This is wayyyy to minor of an issue to leave the house. He can't even get liability insurance yet and no doubt is still in high school. If you leave you will just mooch off someone else.

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