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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by robertjr93, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. robertjr93

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    i am a young man trying to make some money over the summer. i have all the material things but now i need the knowledge to start my own business. somebody plz help me out i am young but i want to work.
    thanks everybody
  2. FDuce

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    Since nobody has answered yet, I will. I would say think of what you are wanting to know and use the search function. Everything that you want/need to know has been discussed many many times. If you don't find the specific answer you are looking for then ask. The first thing everyone is going to tell you is to get insurance, pay taxes, register your business, get licensed. Using the search to narrow your questions down to more specific ones will be more benificial than the general "I want to start a lawn business, what do I do?".
  3. Classified

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    Stay in school
  4. mowerbrad

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    Mowing doesn't just last during the summer. Here in Michigan I start in late April and end in early November. So I work about 7 months out of the year so its not just during summer. That should be something you think about, whether you will still be able to mow lawns during the school year. Customers don't really want to sign on with a lawn company only to have their property serviced for 3 months.
  5. backtobasicslawncare

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    print out some business cards or make fliers. make sure you got the equipment. dont charge cheap.

    good luck..:usflag:
  6. RLLServicesCT

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    I am a young guy myself, and I started mowing lawns when I was 12. The best thing to do is represent yourself professionally and make an efficent schedule to go along well with your schooling.Get some fliers and go door to door to start. Then move onto the paper. Make it a very important issue to maintain maybe like 20- 25 accounts by yourself because when your in school, if it rains on Sat and Sun, you'll be in a huge mess with customers calling and complaining. I know I'm still in High school running my services and I work full time in the summer, but part time come fall. (I do planting and mulching, weeding etc.. for full time in summer). Good Luck

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