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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by JakesLawnService, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. JakesLawnService

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    Whats up guys, I am young in the lawncare industry and I've recently got my first couple of small tree jobs, since I'm new to it I am having a hard time coming up with a price for this tree job, customer wants it cut down and hauled to the curb, pretty simple looking job. Any help is greatly appreciated!! kinda small, but looks like plenty of room to just fall it and cut it right up

  2. zechstoker

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    Not sure if this would be considered "overpricing it", but I would say to charge the customer for one hour at your regular hourly rate. Just curious though, what are you using to cut it down with?
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  3. JakesLawnService

    JakesLawnService LawnSite Member
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    im using a chainsaw.
  4. kandalawncaremgr

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    For some reason I can't see the pic. But make sure your insurance covers tree removal. My insurance wont cover anything more then pruning. Remember its the simple stuff that's the biggest pain in the ass and most likely something bad will happen.
  5. zechstoker

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    I've been pruning and cutting down a number of trees over the past couple weeks, and worse thing that happened to me was a thorn on a palm frond stabbed my thumb as the frond came down. Aside from that, just some saw dust and wood chips getting in my eyes... and yes, this happened while I was wearing all the proper safety gear (safety glasses, gloves, hard hat).
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  6. PineyPower

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    I don't know what the going rate by you is but by going what I can see, I would start at around $250. And it does look pretty close to the house. I'm not trying to tell you how to do it but I would have a another guy with a rope pulling just to be safe. Be safe, like kandalawncaremgr said "Remember its the simple stuff that's the biggest pain in the ass and most likely something bad will happen." Couldn't agree more.
  7. LawnMan19

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    I'd say anywhere from 85-125 that's a quick and easy 20 minute to a half hour max job.
  8. herler

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    You do it however you like but trees like that, liability's on you, if I don't have to climb it and I don't foresee too great a risk in ways of it falling on top of me, just take your time felling it and once it's on the ground watch for stored energy letting go when you saw through limbs...

    You know we're not using no 10 thousand dollar machine here, just a $200-$300 or so chainsaw.
    And you know it takes all of 5 minutes from where it is until it's on the ground, in one piece.
    Worst thing is you HAVE to be careful, stay out of which way it's coming down.
    Make sure before you start, no houses, cars, garages or sheds anywhere in its way.
    You need to discuss that with the customer before you start, if there's any buildings, anywhere.
    Seriously, just make sure everyone's aware of the dangers, and if you have the insurance to cover you or not, even if there's no way it would fall on anything you need to tell them, most are all right with it but you need to be upfront.

    The hard part starts after it's on the ground.

    I'd charge that right at $20 an hour, tree like that, you know it's kinda hard to say, how far is the curb, a big two-wheel barrow would be a big help there, but probably 3-6 hours to give me plenty of room to play around I'd quote $60 to $120, now that's a fair price and I hope it ain't the monster job from what I see it ain't but don't hold me to it, I just can't see it taking much over 3 to 6 hours, hope I'm right, over and done.

    Good luck
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  9. David C.

    David C. LawnSite Member
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    I had a fella wanted me to cut two fairly large trees---I'm gonna say easy 12" diameter Pin Oaks-----I went out and took a look/see-----no way I could handle it by myself--possibility of either of the two coming against the house on their way down---I told him I'd love to do it but for him to call someone with a winch/hoist truck----If you don't think you can handle it--back away---better safe than sorry!!
  10. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    Does your insurance cover tree work? Are you licensed for tree work? ( some states require an Arborist lic). Are you experienced in proper/safe felling techniques(if you dont know what that means, please look it up)? Do you have proper equipment,( hardhat, chaps, safety glasses, chainsaw gloves)? Not trying to be an a$$, just lending a lil info from someone who is a licensed arborist.
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