Young Kids and Mowing?


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So what do you think about the age at which one has to be to really mow alot of lawns. I think it really depend on the person. Any ways to my little story. I received a flier today, second one this year so far, so I call the number to see what the deal was.
I get mom and ask for Zach (person who left flier) and ask him for price of mowings. Over the phone he quotes me seven 7 dollars for frount or 7 dollars for back and 10 for both. Hmm. I educated him a little and gave him Lawnsite to further his education. He is twelve by the way and It is nice to see a youngin out trying to make a little money rather than siting at the mall eating off mom and dad. What would you have done?


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ya thats awsome,,glad you encouraged him.not enough youngsters willing to work or earn anything.thats one major thing missing in our youth today.

last year i trained a few people on a 52 hydro with a velky and it was frustraaiting.the one person who actualy got the point of having one of those machines on a lawn was help i had all season,hell be back this year.........hes my little bro......i told him it was in his blood we were made to cut

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That's awesome. I maybe this kid will be a big landscaper someday.
A friend of mine started a lawn care business in Redmond, Oregon when he was in the 8th grade, I worked for him when he really needed help. He started out with just a mower & had his dad take him to all his lawns, and after about two years he had all commercial grade equipment, a decent s-10 pickup, and a nice trailer. Then for some dumb reason he got into trouble & let his business go to pot. I can just imagine where he'd be now!
That is a great area to live/work!


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Great encouragement Sildoc, it was truely nice to hear. My boy is almost 12 and for the past 2 years he has mowed grass for the neighbors when they need it, $15 here sometimes $20, he is looking foward to getting out there this spring and trying to make some money.

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