Young Kids and Mowing?


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So what do you think about the age at which one has to be to really mow alot of lawns. I think it really depend on the person. Any ways to my little story. I received a flier today, second one this year so far, so I call the number to see what the deal was.
I get mom and ask for Zach (person who left flier) and ask him for price of mowings. Over the phone he quotes me seven 7 dollars for frount or 7 dollars for back and 10 for both. Hmm. I educated him a little and gave him Lawnsite to further his education. He is twelve by the way and It is nice to see a youngin out trying to make a little money rather than siting at the mall eating off mom and dad. What would you have done?


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pretty typical for a smaller kid. i probably would have said the same thing 5 years ago.

thanks for educating him, probably gave him a great lesson in rates.

did he have his own equip, did he live on your street, whats his deal?


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Lives a couple streets down. Uses his parents lawnmower and will trim if needed at extra money, said maybe 5 more bucks.
Not that I have any clients around my neighborhood but I would like him to make as much as possible so that he will stick with if for a few years before he goes to work a burger king.


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It all started 8 years ago.
I was 14 and me and a buddy picked up a rider at a yard sale for cheap. did bout 15 lawns in the neighborhood till we were 17 or so..

When i tured 18 i told my buddy i was buying equip myself.

I named the company CREW CUT
I bought a 1999 Toro 36 walk behind fixed dec
and echo 2601 trimmer and a br 400 blower. got a small 4 x 8 trailer and was good to go.

Now im 22. been in business( reporting Taxes) for 4 years now.

I own a 99 F250 16ft international TA trailer a 60 toro Ztr and the 36" toro. 3 wheelbarrows 2 br400's 3 echo 260's 1 pe 260.00 honda harmony push mower lil wonder flat blo0wer... ETC ETC

Business looks good this year, got a new 60 Yard of mulch spring cleanup Account. still sole proprietor with 2 employees...

Currently have 190 Revolving customers and about 65 to 90 weekly lawns

Good lesson for any kid. i played in the dirt then, and i play in the dirt now


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Been cutting grass since the age of 11 I bought my first walk behind and a used f-150 wich I paid my 16 year old brother to drive at the time. Had 10 or 12 accounts at that time. Going on my 11th season now and still have most of my original accounts that didnt move away or die.


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I started at 13 and started out charging $20 to mow a one acre heavily-landscaped yard. My rates slowly increased and I bought my first ZTR at age 15 (last April). This year, no more scrub rates no that I have equipment to pay for.